Georgia wingnut Phil Gingrey is leaving Congress after a failed attempt to secure the GOP nomination for the Senate. He was too extreme even for Georgia Republicans. I am scared shitless that this mook will continue to be licensed to practice medicine. He's an anti-choice Oby-Gyn, put that in your pipe and smoke it, y'all

Gingrey pulled a  classic wingnut stunt this week, but it's one that should be beneath contempt for a physician. He wrote a letter to the CDC about the looming humanitarian crisis on the border. Here's how Charlie Pierce described this despicable letter:

The other day—Congressman Phil Gingrey who, with Paul Broun, makes up half of the Georgia-based legislative vaudeville act, Two Docs And A Crock—sent a letter to the Centers For Disease Control, which happen to be in the general area of his district, warning that the children who have been coming through eight kinds of hell to get to this country might be little walking petri dishes, and that we better should watch out for that.

As such, reports of illegal migrants carrying deadly diseases such as swine flu, dengue fever, Ebola virus and tuberculosis are particularly concerning.

Wait. Whoa there, dear and glorious physician. How did we manage to crowbar Ebola onto that list? Unless some of these kids are swimming here from Sierra Leone, that's one problem about which we don't have to worry, since there never has been a case of Ebola's breaking out anywhere but in Africa. But you can see what Gingrey's doing here. He shoehorning Ebola onto his list of concerns about the Little Brown Ones (tm GHW Bush Enterprises, LLC) because a) he knows Americans are more aware of it than they are of, say, dengue fever, and b) because, alas, Ebola's in the news because it's running wild at the moment in west Africa, where it's never broken out before. So congratulations to Phil Gingrey—excuse me. DOCTOR Phil Gingrey—has decided to use a medical crisis overseas to gin up politically expedient xenophobia over here. Extremely well-played, sir.

Even for a right winger, this is appalling. He's ginning up hysteria with his dubious "diagnosis" and using his medical degree to give this claim credibility. It's totally reprehensible. I'm not sure if this is something that could cause him to lose his license to practice medicine in the state of Georgia, but I hope someone reports this cretin to the appropriate regulatory body.

The worst thing about an episode like this is that other extremists will use it and, thanks to the interweb, this story will live forever. I called Gingrey a Doctor earlier when, in fact, he's a quack. He ought to be ashamed of himself, but teabaggers are shameless and believe that one can lie in service of a "just cause." There's a special place in hell for quacks like this and before going there, he should stick his stethoscope up his ass.

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  1. What astounds me is how nothing has changed in what, 200 years? This is what ignorant people have said about immigrants throughout the years. History has not treated them kindly, nor will it treat cretins like Gingrey kindly.

  2. Gringey also partially holds that Todd Akin’s Legitimate Rape comment is partially true. Another Physician / legislator from Georgia is Paul Braun. As both Braun and Gringey went to the same medical school in Augusta, GA, you have to start wondering.

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