Obama is a Failure at Relationships

It’s not that Republicans are all batshit crazy, of course: 

●Would the inauguration of a new Democratic president change the behavior of recalcitrant hard-liners among the House Republicans, who have sought to block almost every major initiative from President Obama and whose tactics led to last year’s government shutdown?

●Would a Republican president be beholden to those hard-liners, or would he or she seize control of the conservative agenda to chart a different governing path?

●But above all, will the next president, whether Democrat or Republican, cultivate the kind of productive relationships with opposition-party leaders and others in Congress that Obama has failed to develop? Perhaps. But the reality is that deeper forces are at work that could well frustrate the hopes, aspirations and pledges of those who seek the presidency in 2016.

Yeah. Will the next president play enough golf (but not too much golf, and not on the wrong days) and suck enough cock to make Congress love him? I mean, that’s what this is really all about. Relationships. If only Obama had been nicer.

Both parties are to blame for partisanship, since nobody really profits from it in any way:

The reality is that the two major political parties not only have strong differences about major issues, but because of the makeup of their coalitions, now approach the governing process in Washington from almost irreconcilable positions. And both claim a measure of public support for their approach.

It’s astonishing that people aren’t flocking to traditional print journalism for this sort of stunning insight.


2 thoughts on “Obama is a Failure at Relationships

  1. I cry for the death of the Post. I mean, it was always a rag, but the Bezos/Politico hybrid is a swamp libertarian agitprop littered with of ugly rabbit punches aimed at the president. The daily free paper the Post publishes for the subway is even more repellent, because there the emphasis is on ‘fun’ and ‘lite’ so we get a Buzzfeed treatment of The Fountainhead every morning.

    I wish Charles Foster Kane would buy out Bezos, at least he had the decency to hide teh fact he was a selfish asshat.

  2. Obama’s problem has always been his naivete and willingness to believe that the right would work with him if he could just do the right thing to please them. His abused woman syndrome approach to politics has left us floundering in the gutter when he should have just rounded up everyone behind Club for Growth and Americans for Prosperity, confiscated their assets and hanged them for treason. And a majority of the Supreme Court, although the Mussolini treatment is really too good for them.

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