The Role of Government

Let me see if I’ve got this straight. Government can’t be trusted to tell you if you can or cannot own a gun, or sort out where you might graze your cattle, or regulate the health insurance market, but it has no more noble calling than designating if you had any choice in how you became disabled.

Divide and conquer. Basically this guy wants to turn Medicaid into the Hunger Games and let people fight one another for the largesse the Capitol doles out.

This week can seriously fuck itself.


2 thoughts on “The Role of Government

  1. RE: Divide and conquer: Definitely needed as the people on public assistance have much more money available to buy access to legislators than the Koch Brothers. See – proof in itself that the people on welfare are paid too much /snark.
    Seriously, I’d parallel it to comments on crime I see in the local news facebook. The Govt is terrible and can’t do anything competently. But there is no need to review any past murder convictions or have any pity for someone being executed (such as the recent botched event) because the govt always gets that right. But in a high profile murder case here which is about to go to trial for the 3rd time (defendant found guilty on several items but jury split on murder), we should just go ahead and execute them (as a jury hearing all the evidence is split but I know just from what I read in the news that he is totally guilty).
    Similarly, any sort of increase in the Castle Doctrine / SYG, etc. is good. Which naturally presupposes that anyone with a gun has an infallible sense of who is good and who is bad and can execute on the spot (as opposed to a jury hearing all the evidence still not able to come to a verdict).

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