Ebola Hysteria Is More Contagious Than Ebola

The latest outbreak of Ebola hysteria is in Baton Rouge:

State Attorney General Buddy Caldwell is seeking a temporary restraining order to block the disposal of incinerated waste from the Dallas Ebola victim’s personal items and belongings at a Louisiana landfill.

It has been reported that six truckloads of potential Ebola contaminated material collected from the apartment where the Dallas Ebola victim became ill were brought to Port Arthur, Texas on Friday to be processed at the Veolia Environmental Services incinerator. From there the incinerated material is slated to be transported to a hazardous waste landfill in Louisiana for final disposal.

Caldwell said the unknowns involved surrounding the Ebola virus have the state wanting to proceed with caution.

“We certainly share sadness and compassion for those who have lost their lives and loved ones to this terrible virus, but the health and safety of our Louisiana citizens is our top priority,” he said. “There are too many unknowns at this point, and it is absurd to transport potentially hazardous Ebola waste across state lines.This situation is certainly unprecedented and we want to approach it with the utmost caution. We just can’t afford to take any risks when it comes to this deadly virus.”

The Louisiana Attorney General’s Office said it is in the process of finalizing the application for temporary restraining order and expects it to be filed as early as Monday morning. Additionally, the office is sending a demand letter to Texas state and federal officials, along with private contractors involved seeking additional information into the handling of this waste. Caldwell’s office is in contact with Louisiana health and environmental agencies involved in the matter.

This is rich considering that these incinerated items are headed to a HAZARDOUS LANDFILL in a state loaded with petro-chemical plants. Not only that, but we import medical waste to our HAZARDOUS LANDFILLS. There’s no indication that this shit is more dangerous than the shit that’s already been dumped in our HAZARDOUS LANDFILLS.

Like everything else involving politicians this is about politics as opposed to a sudden fastidiousness about toxic waste or a concern about public health. Caldwell is a party switcher who blew with the wind into the Republican party *after* the election of a black President. Strictly coincidental, right? He’s from what I call the real south region of Louisiana, pandering to the GOP base is always more important than being a responsible public servant.

It’s depressing how much of the Ebola hysteria is recycled from the AIDS hysteria of the 1980’s. Just change “gay disease” to “African disease” and the reaction on the right and, more shamefully, in the MSM is identical. Plus ça change, plus c’est la même chose.

A friend of mine provided her snarky take on this malakatude on Twitter this morning, so I’ll give her the last word:


3 thoughts on “Ebola Hysteria Is More Contagious Than Ebola

  1. “Not only that, but we import medical waste to our HAZARDOUS LANDFILLS” — my thoughts as well…we’ve probably been doing so for decades, and Caldwell is suddenly freaked out?


  2. I’m guessing that the same “scientific” minds discounting global climate change are the ones pimping the misinformation and disinformation behind ebola. In the first case, it’s “Don’t worry, be happy, continue your wasteful, unsustainable lifestyle because tree-hugging hippies will be sad.” In the latter, it’s “Aaaahhh! PH34R! Hate and suspect everyone and everything, especially anyone who says otherwise.”

  3. Uh, how many pathogens can survive incineration ? If anything, the incineration will cause the synthetic fibers in their clothes to release carcinogenic chemicals. And incineration of body parts could produce PAHs and other carcinogenic compounds.

    Also I am amazed that these seem to be the same people who don’t get their children vaccinated as vaccination is run by the govt which is obviously either incompetent to assess safety or is conducting experiments on ways that we can be subjected to mind control by Mork from Ork.

    How many of their kids died or are seriously disabled from childhood diseases (measles, etc.) or from missing their flu shots ? Versus how many have caught the Ebola from Guatemalan kids crossing the Mexican border ?

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