7 thoughts on “Weekend Question Thread

  1. I guess it’s a tossup between chicken pox and measles. Nothing worse than those, though.

  2. Mumps…that’s the one I remember. Had chicken pox, but was too young to have any memories…though I cringe every time I hear/read ads about shingles.

  3. I had everything–chicken pox, mumps, measles, rubella (German measles during a trip to Germany!), whooping cough, impetigo, you name it, I got it. But those all came and went in days or a week or two at most. The ear infections went on for months, and every time I had a flare-up, off to the doctor we went and I got jabbed in the ass with a penicillin shot. After six months, I felt like I was a pincushion. The longest-lasting one was the bone growth on my knees (known as Osgood Slater’s Disease), that first showed up when I was ten. They’re pretty much lumps of calcium with a very rich web of nerves in them (surfers call them “the knobbies”). Impossible to kneel on my left knee and moderately painful on my right one. Still got `em.

  4. i had chicken pox. ooh, shingles on the horizon. or the walking pneumonia, tho i don’t remember it much.

  5. Asthma. And we lived on a farm, where as near as I can tell, I was allergic to just about everything outside the house–I got used to being hauled off to the hospital and dumped in an oxygen tent. It’s the one childhood illness that’s stayed with me my whole life.

  6. I was a healthy kid, so I’ll answer this from the perspective of a parent and agree with Roger that asthma sucks. Those ER trips and long stays at the hospital until your kid can actually breathe are the worst I have experienced.

  7. I had German measles and mumps when I was in early elementary school; they sucked, but fortunately I don’t remember much about them. In kindergarten I spent two nights in the hospital with a chest cold that they were afraid was turning into pneumonia. But the one I remember as “worst” was just a nasty-ass virus I got when I was 17. I missed a week of school, which was the most I ever missed in one go, and distinctly remember spending most of the week wishing I could just die.

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