Spank Squad

Spank Squad

I’m still wiped out from the 45 city block long Krewe du Vieux parade last Saturday. The inevitable soreness has been exacerbated by a pratfall I took at the Friday preview party, which left me bruised pre-parade. The good news is that I was in an altered state so I was limber when I tripped and fell on the concrete floor. It could have been much worse. It’s true what they say about booze, y’all. If you don’t know, I’m not talking. I may be a spiller, but I’m not spilling this. We have a confidentiality agreement. Why? I’ll never know.

This year’s Spank theme was Error 504 Not Found. It’s a take on City Hall’s claims that we’re becoming a tech hub while the city as a whole has a crumbling infrastructure and remains low tech. The float came complete with the world’s largest smart phone, the iSpank. The picture below was taken by my buddy Christy aka Boom Boom:


The float was designed by Boom Boom’s husband, Captain Greg, the calmest man in show business. We have some VERY GIFTED tech people in our Krewe and even have a deeply silly web site/app thingamabob:

We dressed as nerdy members of the Spank Squad. I walked around handing out business cards and saying shit like this: “Hire the Spank Squad for all your tech needs. We suck. We’ll kill your computer faster than the other guys.”

Here’s a picture of Dr. A and me taken on the route by our old friend Julie:


The glowing lights were on my hat. Below is a better shot of it. I’m with my protege Jennifer who decorated my old fedora as well as her white chick Afro wig. This was taken on my iPhone by some random dude in the Den of Muses on the best day of the year:


One more parade route snap with Dr. A and our mouthy kid sister type friend Brett in the foreground. They’re engaging with some Spanksters who didn’t parade this year. The picture was taken by my old friend and post-K NOLA blogger comrade in arms, Brian Denzer, the blondest man in show business.

Dr A and Brett on the route

I wish I had the oomph to write more about the parade day but I’m in pain and need to get off the computer. I recently found this swell old Crosby-Clooney seasonal duet so I’ll give Rosemary and Der Bingle de last word:

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  1. Cool float, glad the parade went well. To be honest, I’m not sure if I could take a 45 city block walk under ANY conditions these days.

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