And Two More On Board The Clown Car

From Album 5

Grumby won’t make it official until next week, but Gilligan announced yesterday…and at least in Baton Rouge, Mother Nature reacted with some of the worst weather of the season: heavy rain, high winds, severe lightning/thunder that knocked out power and was loud enough to send my cat under the sofa for the duration.

Probably just a coincidence.


Anyway…guess it’s fitting they jump in more or less together. If they were a tag team, their approval ratings would put them squarely in heel territory. And when you’re getting beaten — badly — by the human equivalent of a troll doll, well…guess it takes a river in Egypt to decide that the (clown) show must go on.

One thought on “And Two More On Board The Clown Car

  1. And a “three hour Cruz”?

    If only the pain were over that quickly…

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