Today on Tommy T’s Obsession with the Freeperati – Bannoned for life edition

Well, folks – I spotted a fetid little barrel of funny hiding among all the “Yay, I’m gonna be rich some day too and THEN my taxes will go down” crapola.


G.O.P. Establishment Declares Open Season on a Weakened Bannon
New York Times ^ | Dec. 15, 2017 | Jeremy W. Peters

Posted on 12/16/2017, 11:28:58 PM by Trump_vs_Evil_Witch

But enough about Melania…

A small group of conservative leaders had gathered in the Trump International Hotel last week for a friendly discussion about the year that was ending and their priorities for the year to come, when Stephen K. Bannon spoke up.

“I’m not going to name names,” he snapped, looking around the room as he complained about being left virtually alone to defend Roy S. Moore, accused of sexually molesting and assaulting teenage girls, while the Republican leadership and Democrats bludgeoned the Alabama Senate candidate. “If we want to win,” he added, according to three people who were in the room, “We need to stop playing footsie with the establishment. They’re just going to string you along, pat you on your head, and send you on your way.”

…..many Washington Republicans have no intention of patting Mr. Bannon on the head. They intend to kneecap him before he has the chance to recover.

“First is to dry up his money,” said Scott W. Reed, the chief political strategist for the U.S. Chamber of Commerce, a pillar of the Republican establishment, explaining how top Republicans in Washington were making a new round of calls to donors across the country to press them not to donate to Mr. Bannon or the candidates he supports.


Mitch McConnell and the GOP establishment are clearly to blame for the recent loss of the Republican Senate seat…..
1 posted on 12/16/2017, 11:28:58 PM by Trump_vs_Evil_Witch
Astute observation there, evil witch.
It’s not because the teabaggers have urped up their collective id, put spurs and a cowboy hat on it and run it for office – it couldn’t possibly be that!
To: Trump_vs_Evil_Witch

Bannon has the funds to get to the ROOT of the fraudulent votes in Alabama, and the “ESTABLISHMENT REPUBLICANS” know it !

Don’t for one second think that Judy Roy Moore lost that election !
Can’t you see DemocRAT generated FAKE VOTES right in front of you ?

3 posted on 12/16/2017, 11:36:08 PM by Yosemitest (It’s SIMPLE ! … Fight, … or Die !)
To: Trump_vs_Evil_Witch


There is NO DIFFERENCE between the G.O.P. Establishment and the New York Times .

7 posted on 12/16/2017, 11:43:42 PM by MarvinStinson

That’s a bit like saying there’s no difference between snow and a snow-blower, innnit?
To: snarkytart


While I agree with you 100% the fact is Moore should have won by at least 5% if the people of Alabama gave a damn about the MAGA agenda.

The same phenomenon seems to exist in VA.

Whether it’s a RINO in VA or a Jesse Helms conservative in AL neither can win if the Trump voters stay home. Because it looks to me as though the folks who voted for Donald in 2016 think they did their job and now they’re done.

If that’s the mindset we’re dealing with now, then we could be in big trouble for 2018.

11 posted on 12/17/2017, 12:19:07 AM by Ceebass

Actually, you’re in big trouble RIGHT NOW.
You’ve just lost THREE unbelievably-red-state elections.
In three weeks.
To: Trump_vs_Evil_Witch


The only things worse than a dem are RINO’s and GOPe’ers.

16 posted on 12/17/2017, 2:50:25 AM by Boomer (Leftism is a Cancer on society)

The Force directs you to click on the “read more” link…

To: Dave W


The primaries are the key. If Bannon can slay the RINOS and get MAGA candidates on the ballot in the general then we will win. Go Bannon!

28 posted on 12/17/2017, 6:29:41 AM by central_va (I won’t be reconstructed and I do not give a damn.)

What’s that definition of “insanity” again?
To: Trump_vs_Evil_Witch


Weakened is a very subjective term containing the greatest hopes of the GOPe and their fellow travelers on the left. One battle and temporary “victory” does not make a war.

36 posted on 12/17/2017, 8:11:15 AM by Steamburg (Other people’s money is the only language a politician respects; starve the bastards)

To: x1stcav

“I’ll put my money on Bannon.”

Bingo. My guess is he’s licking his wounds,

I’m sorry  – I’m going to have to stop you right there. There’s not enough eye bleach in the WORLD to wash that image out.

45 posted on 12/17/2017, 10:58:40 AM by taildragger (“Do you hear the people Singing? Singing the Song of Angry Men!”)
Maybe you could lick Bannon’s wounds for him?
To: Trump_vs_Evil_Witch


you can hate foolish old mitch mcconnel all you want, he’s NOT the one that screwed the pooch in alabama, and if you can’t admit what went wrong, you won’t be able to fix it.

53 posted on 12/17/2017, 1:49:07 PM by JohnBrowdie

And now – the post of the thread!!
To: Trump_vs_Evil_Witch
G.O.P. Establishment Declares Open Season on a Weakened Bannon>>>>>>>>>>>>>>

Huge mistake.

The country club. born with a silver spoon aristocratic Republicans



must make room for conservatives, or be taken out.

So – you’re gonna impeach The Darnold?

Twnnt-two(sic) thousand southern republican aristocrats wrote in their “selection” , refusing to vote Republican,


so now the battle lines are drawn.

My money, every cent of it, will go to Bannon.


Millions of American s will do the same. NOT A CHANCE OF THE MONEY DRYING UP.

Wanna bet? He could give a fuck less about your piddly-ass $20.  His sugar daddy Mercer has just cut him off.

Get ready for the 2018 primary season Bitch McConnell and your fag bend over boys.


Soon the whole country will know how you were discharged from the Army.

67 posted on 12/18/2017, 5:39:33 AM by Candor7 (Obama Fascism)

Yep – the doctors SAID it was optic neuritis, but it was actually teh gay.
They’re easy to confuse.
More than enough for one outing – see you good people next Monday!

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