Today on Tommy T’s Obsession with the Freeperati – book worms edition

First, a little reminder, from last week’s Obsession:

To: kristinn


Will be in the $1.00 bargin rack very shortly. Perhaps next week.

26 posted on 9/4/2018, 11:22:02 AM by ncfool (America Reborn 1/20/2017. Lets make sure we don’t screw up,the opportunity to MAGA.)

Ah, memories…..

Woodward book breaks 93-year publishing record
The Hill ^ | September 13, 2018 | Joe Concha

Posted on 9/13/2018, 2:09:31 PM by EveningStar

Bob Woodward’s new book, “Fear: Trump in the White House,” sold more than 750,000 copies through its first day of release, the most for any title in Simon & Schuster history, according to the 94-year-old publisher.

The investigative book by the veteran Watergate reporter, who has written books about every administration dating back to President Nixon, was powered by excerpts published before the book’s public release Tuesday and President Trump’s public rejection of it. Trump called the book “a con on the public” consisting of quotes that are “made up frauds” designed to boost Democrats ahead of the 2018 midterm elections.

1 posted on 9/13/2018, 2:09:31 PM by EveningStar

To: EveningStar


Of course it is.

Unless George Soros bought them all.

Of course he did.

Didn’t the media tell us Hillary was going to win the election, or that Trump colluded with Russia? WHY SHOULD WE BELIEVE THEM WHEN THEY LIE TO US ABOUT LEFTY BOOK SALES?

2 posted on 9/13/2018, 2:12:00 PM by CivilWarBrewing (Get off my back for my usage of CAPS, especially you snowflake males! MAN UP!)
To: EveningStar


Gee, the party of the “little” people…sure has a “lot” of money to burn.

11 posted on 9/13/2018, 2:26:24 PM by RckyRaCoCo (Please Pray For My Brother Ken)

Hmm – I’m living on Social Security, and even *I* can afford $18.
Anyway, back to the Tinfoil Brigade :
To: CivilWarBrewing

#2: “Unless George Soros bought them all.”

Yes, in a way. These books were bought by PACs, think tanks, etc. They will be handed out as freebies and swag at their “events”.

Anyone who has the slightest familiarity with publishing knows that these purchases were not driven by individual sales. Even the lib reviewers say the prose is stiff and wooden, dull, and almost unreadable.

18 posted on 9/13/2018, 2:35:46 PM by Governor Dinwiddie (“Nature, Mr. Allnut, is what we are put in this world to rise above.”)
Of course even in Freeperville, reality sometimes rears its ugly head :
To: CivilWarBrewing


It’s believable. Subscriptions and sales are off the hook in all categories for the left and trashing President Trump whether we like it or not. The left is a self sustaining entity and nothing the right says or does penetrates it. Hell..the President spends half his time responding to their garbage.

9 posted on 9/13/2018, 2:19:55 PM by ALX

Of course, denial is a helluva drug :



CNN, MSNBC, and all the news broadcasts on the alphabet channels are getting dismal ratings yet Woodward’s book sales are going through the roof? The leftist intellectuals read but not their electorate. Looks like mass buying to me. You’ll see copies of the book in Democrat headquarters and precinct offices around the country, and in the Dollar Tree and 99 Cent stores in time for Christmas!

12 posted on 9/13/2018, 2:27:20 PM by dowcaet

I thought that 99 cent thing was supposed to happen by this week?
To: dowcaet


CNN and MSNBC combined beat FOX by at least a million every single night. Maddow regularly beats or ties Hannity. New York Times and Washington Post subscriptions are way up.  Those are facts.  FOX is a tiny bubble and half of the (FOX) content is anti-Trump drivel.

16 posted on 9/13/2018, 2:33:05 PM by ALX

More book worm bubbles below the fold, with bonus Stormy Daniels book goodness..

Where were we?
Oh yeah…
To: EveningStar

Funny. It’s the Black Panther’ fake sales nonsense. I know because I work in Hollywood and know the AMC and Regal Theater guys..

21 posted on 9/13/2018, 2:44:02 PM by max americana (Fired libtard employees 9 consecutive times at every election since 08′. I hope all liberals die.)

And I thought that ushers were a thing of the past.
Imagine that.
And in the “light at the end of the tunnel is actually a train department :
To: EveningStar


We are really up against it in November. No doubt there is a core of radical, nonsensical Trump haters who will be out in force at election time. We see it in how much out of state money is raised by lightweights like Beta O’Rourke in TX. Whether there is enough of these fools remains to be seen but, undoubtedly, Republicans will need a top notch turnout effort in most races.

32 posted on 9/13/2018, 3:19:09 PM by Mozzafiato

To: EveningStar

Have they even had time to *print* 750,000 books?

From where were they sold? Book stores? Amazon?

Couldn’t be! But let’s take a look at one of the places Amazon ships from:



Yep – it couldn’t be that.

Sounds like a little propaganda campaign goin’ on out da’ah.

38 posted on 9/13/2018, 4:41:36 PM by FrankR (IF it wasn’t for the “F-word”, and it’s deritiives, the left would have no message at all.)

Of course it does.
Oh – and speaking of books…

The next book on Trump may be the steamiest (Stormy Daniels) Long Island Newsday ^ | September 12, 2018 | William Goldschlag Posted on 9/12/2018, 9:31:39 PM by 2ndDivisionVet

Chapters and worse

With all his merchandising ventures — steaks, vodka, clothes, deodorant — why didn’t Donald Trump ever start a book-of-the-month club? Though he’s not much of a reader himself, the Trump name is showing Oprah Winfrey-like power in the publishing world.

Even with a million copies printed, Simon & Schuster is struggling to keep up with demand for Bob Woodward’s “Fear: Trump in the White House.” Amazon ran out of hardcover copies after Tuesday’s first day of sale.

Now Stormy Daniels has announced she will have a book out on Oct. 2 that will include details of her story about a sexual tryst with Trump and her life as a porn star. The title is “Full Disclosure.”

“I’ve been working on a book for about 10 years, so I just sort of melded everything together. I’ve kept notebooks of the adventures I’ve had on the road and in strip clubs and stuff,” Daniels said on ABC’s “The View.” So presumably it will be more than a two-minute read. The publisher is St. Martin’s Press.

It may only be a matter of time before the president gets back in author game himself. At one point during his multiple-day fulminations about Woodward, he tweeted: “I’ll write the real book!”

A gust of ill wind

Trump was still in don’t-blame-me and I-don’t-get-enough-credit mode Wednesday over the federal response last year to Hurricane Maria in Puerto Rico….

Well, when it rains, it DOES pour..
Let’s get back to the tinfoil torrent, shall we?
These books are helping him.
1 posted on 9/12/2018, 9:31:39 PM by 2ndDivisionVet
Of course they are.
To: 2ndDivisionVet
This is going to make me want to vote for Trump even more in 2020!
4 posted on 9/12/2018, 9:36:04 PM by SamAdams76 ( If you are offended by what I have to say here then you can blame your parents for raising a wuss)
Perhaps you should take that motivation up with your wife? I’m sure it’ll give her food for thought.
To: 2ndDivisionVet 

Great, just what America needs, a slam, bam, thank you mam book. How many times can you write “it went in and it went out”?

I dunno – twice?

I don’t think it will ever hit the $1 store. The DNC may buy the 1st Million, in fact they probably have about a 100 ghost writers working on it for her. She’ll provide the photos.

8 posted on 9/12/2018, 9:46:18 PM by Bringbackthedraft (What is earned is treasured, what is free is worth what you paid for it.)

To: 2ndDivisionVet
Steamiest? She said he was a quick lay! Never give away the ending, slut, if you want to sell books. 

15 posted on 9/12/2018, 10:35:16 PM by montag813

I kinda sense a “5-minute wonder” theme developing here…
And what’s been keeping the tinfoil hat brigade?
To: 2ndDivisionVet

18 posted on 9/12/2018, 11:17:26 PM by Extremely Extreme Extremist (GOAT POTUS TRUMP)

To: 2ndDivisionVet

not that I believe her, but she recently was quoted as saying their ‘time together’ was ‘literally two minutes’….so I doubt there’s much ‘steamy’ to write about

24 posted on 9/13/2018, 1:45:45 AM by blueplum ( “…this moment is your moment: it belongs to you… ” President Donald J. Trump, Jan 20, 2017)

And now – the post of the thread!
To: 2ndDivisionVet
How many pages can you get in a book over a 5 minute event? 

6 posted on 9/12/2018, 9:38:48 PM by Magnatron

Last up – Cruz’in for a Loosin’ ?
Will Cruz Lose?
The Spectator ^ | September 12, 2018 | Daniel McCarthy Posted on 9/12/2018, 7:53:38 PM by OddLane
Four years ago a seemingly invincible US senator came within a percentage point of losing his seat in an unexpectedly close election. Mark Warner was pretty moderate as far as Democrats go, a good fit for a state, Virginia, that had drifted out of the Republican column in the last two presidential elections and just elected a full slate of Democratic statewide officials a year before. But midterms are when presidents and their parties get rebuked, and Warner, a telecom millionaire who had once been tipped as presidential contender, took his support for granted. The Republican, lobbyist Ed Gillespie, was supposed to be hopeless, but he nearly claimed what was supposed to be a safe Democratic seat for the GOP.
Texas has been solidly Republican for a lot longer than Virginia has been Democratic, and by a wider margin. But that makes the fact that Ted Cruz has only a single-digit lead over his Democratic opponent, Beto O’Rourke, all the more remarkable. Polls suggest Senator Cruz is in trouble, and if the overwhelmingly Republican character of the Lone Star State counts against that, the likelihood that 2018 will be as bad for the GOP as 2014 was for the Democrats throws the contest up in the air again…
1 posted on 9/12/2018, 7:53:38 PM by OddLane
To: OddLane


If Cruz loses in Texas to a guy who asked the VFW to remove the American Flag, we are finished as a nation.

2 posted on 9/12/2018, 7:58:04 PM by Husker24
Fake news!
“Our campaign absolutely did not request that any flags be removed or taken down from the walls. It is incorrect to say that we did. We have hosted dozens of town halls in VFW posts across the state and always ensure that the flags are prominently and respectfully displayed. As a senior member of the House Veterans Affairs Committee, the Vice Ranking Member of the House Armed Services Committee, and the Congressman for one of the largest military communities in the country, Beto is proud to have our flag displayed at events.”
Chris Evans, O’Rourke’s campaign spokesman
To: OddLane
The Texans in this forum are always bragging on how their state is perfect and that the other 49 states cannot possibly measure up to their standards of conservatism. 

Well, they better not screw up this election for President Trump.

I had no idea The Darnold was up for re-election. Is it 2020 already?

Instead of bragging, they should probably take care of business in their own state before it turns blue. Austin is probably about as liberal as Portland, OR these days and it’s spreading.

3 posted on 9/12/2018, 7:58:13 PM by SamAdams76 ( If you are offended by what I have to say here then you can blame your parents for raising a wuss)

To: OddLane


If Trump has to rally for him, the internals must not be great.

14 posted on 9/12/2018, 8:01:21 PM by proust (“The rule is, jam tomorrow and jam yesterday, but never jam today.”)

To: OddLane


I’m a bit worried about the tendency to blame voters for Cruz’ shortcomings on the campaign trail, he’s largely absent much like Hillary, and for the very same reason, he’s just not likable. He shot himself in the foot badly and multiple times during his 2016 Presidential run, which is only adding to his woes.

I certainly hope his sorry self can be dragged across the finish line by President Trump, whom he disparaged and pulled every trick in the book right up to and through the convention to try and prevent his becoming the Republican nominee.

Ted Cruz did this to himself. He and only he is responsible if he manages to do the nearly impossible, which is to lose reelection as a Republican incumbent Senator in Texas.

26 posted on 9/12/2018, 8:08:19 PM by RegulatorCountry

“Reno89519” gives the hornets’ nest a hefty kick :
To: OddLane


Lyn’ Ted deserves to lose, but challenge is losing the senate. If it is clearly Republican, then good riddance to Lyn’ Ted. Otherwise…

10 posted on 9/12/2018, 7:59:59 PM by Reno89519 (No Amnesty! No Catch-and-Release! Just Say No to All Illegal Aliens! Arrest & Deport!y)
To: Reno89519


Cruz does not deserve to lose. You are a fool.

22 posted on 9/12/2018, 8:06:32 PM by Extremely Extreme Extremist (GOAT POTUS TRUMP)

To: Reno89519
Lyn’ Ted deserves to lose, but challenge is losing the senate. If it is clearly Republican, then good riddance to Lyn’ Ted. Otherwise… 

Are you sure you’re in the right place?

You come to a Trump-supporting, conservative forum and crap all over the conservative Senator that Trump has endorsed, after the primaries have been fought, and right before a tough election?

Whose side are you on exactly? Clearly, not President Trump’s.

You don’t like Ted Cruz? Fine. The time to fight that battle was the primaries. Ted Cruz is the nominee now and has President Trump’s full endorsement.

This is the most important midterm election in our nation’s history. Everything is at stake. Come on board or STFU but don’t come here and try to be a disruptor.

55 posted on 9/12/2018, 8:34:38 PM by Drew68
Reno89519 fires back :
To: Drew68


Hurt your feelings did I. Too bad. Don’t go on FR expecting people to forgive and forget lyn’ Ted’s ways. Pathetic to see the pimps and all pushing him. And, worse, seeing people blame Republicans, Republican women for Lyn’ Ted’s impending loss. Trump will try and bail him out. That will be an uphill battle for an undeserving, unlikeable, prick. Too bad Trump can’t say Screw you.

58 posted on 9/12/2018, 8:41:36 PM by Reno89519 (No Amnesty! No Catch-and-Release! Just Say No to All Illegal Aliens! Arrest & Deport!y)

I love to see these morons at each others’ throats.
To: Right_in_Virginia
Does anyone in Texas know if this is a real problem or if the electorate is sure Cruz will win and is not making a big deal out of this? 

Personally, I think there’s a good chance Buto(sic) will take Cruz, unless Texans wake the hell up, because we are in an unusual situation right now.

We have the brain dead that want Cruz to crash and burn because it will make them feel good after 2016…..even knowing Buto(sic) will try to destroy President Trump’s agenda.

Then we have the oblivious Republican voters that think it’s going to be a normal election cycle, even when evidence seems to suggest it’s not…..and spout off platitudes like “Texan’s won’t go Socialist” or “Texans won’t vote in a gun grabber”. They’re about as dangerous to Cruz/Trump as the above mentioned brain dead.

On the other side, the Hispanic community seems to be buying Buto’s(sic) “I’m one of you” schtick……….along with his promises of an open border and free stuff for all. I think we’re going to see a higher turn out, than normal, from that part of the electorate this year.

And finally, the hatred the Dem’s feel against Trump is almost manic. The drive to destroy the man they are convinced is Hitler/Devil is unlike anything I’ve ever seen before. They’ve also been pushing the idea that Buto(sic) is the next Kennedy/Obama for their party, which is resulting in money pouring in from all over the country. They’ve efficiently used that money to put together a get out the vote organization that looks/acts a lot like Obama’s machine.

Anyway, that’s my two cents worth of what I’m seeing on the ground in Texas. I’m frustrated….but praying that our side will start taking this race seriously.

82 posted on 9/12/2018, 9:12:49 PM by TXSearcher (Interesting times we live in………..)
To: OddLane


Texan here! It’s been 2 years since posted last. Beto is everywhere. Saturation like crazy. I’m starting to feel, finally, Cruz taking this seriously. Hope it not to late. I will say he pissed a lot of conservatives Trump-humpers off at the convention

137 posted on 9/12/2018, 11:02:13 PM by My4johns

To: OddLane


People on The Right who keep bashing Cruz need to stop until after the election.

141 posted on 9/12/2018, 11:31:46 PM by Architect of Avalon

AFTER the election, he’s fair game again, right?
See you good people next Monday.


3 thoughts on “Today on Tommy T’s Obsession with the Freeperati – book worms edition

  1. I really think and hope the polling is wrong. They can gerrymander districts, but when the whole state votes, they have no control. I was talking to a friend and we were discussing the effect of Beto going to all counties in the state. No one should underestimate how people feel when a Senate candidate, or their Senator comes to their little town. Texas is really big with a lot of rural counties that Beto visited and I think that makes a big impression on just regular people, not the really political ones. So I think it’s quite possible the regular people will vote for Beto more than Cruz. Fingers crossed. Hopefully, we will be here in the van watching the returns come in and I will have something good finally to celebrate.
    By the way, those freepers secretly loathe Cruz.

    1. Doesn’t look like very much of a secret loathing to me.
      “People on The Right who keep bashing Cruz need to stop until after the election.”

  2. “Lyin’ Ted”. I love that freepers are still using Trump’s nickname for him. Keep it up, Reno89519!

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