Today on Tommy T’s Obsession with the Freeperati – Nasty Girls edition

A quickie today good people – starting with-

Ms. Markle, if you’re nasty!

I never called Meghan Markle “nasty.” Made up by the Fake News Media, and they got caught cold!.
Real Donald Trump Twitter ^ | June 2, 2019 | President Trump

Posted on 6/2/2019, 8:46:30 AM by SMGFan

I never called Meghan Markle “nasty.” Made up by the Fake News Media, and they got caught cold! Will @CNN, @nytimes and others apologize? Doubt it!


will everyone hear this?
1 posted on 6/2/2019, 8:46:30 AM by SMGFan
To: SMGFan
Is there anything worth less on this planet than the British “royals”? 

2 posted on 6/2/2019, 8:50:36 AM by allendale (.)

So they’re ALL nasty?
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I guess so.
To: SMGFan 

Trump supporter here who doesn’t care what he calls anyone.

That’s a shocker.

Replies to that tweet say that there is audio.

Are they lying, or is he?

7 posted on 6/2/2019, 8:55:16 AM by ExGeeEye (For dark is the suede that mows like a harvest.)

Is this a trick question?
To: ExGeeEye
In context what she said was kinda of a “nasty” thing to say about moving to Canada if Trump won.
Should have just stood by the statement. 

10 posted on 6/2/2019, 9:00:04 AM by traderrob6

The Darnold should have stood by his statement?
You mean, instead of lying about it?
To: traderrob6
You are LYING!! He said “I didn’t know she was nasty” to a statement that she was!! 

14 posted on 6/2/2019, 9:04:09 AM by Ann Archy (Abortion……. The HUMAN Sacrifice to the god of Convenience.)

Like I said :
TrumpSupporters (2)
Anne Elk disapproves.
To: Ann Archy
traderrob6 is now traitorrob6 

20 posted on 6/2/2019, 9:11:26 AM by Pilgrim’s Progress ( D)

To: Pilgrim’s Progress

Good grief, that was uncalled for.

We are a conservative forum that back President Trump but we also are a forum that puts a high priority on getting our facts right and in posting THE TRUTH!

You a fonny boy.

If you feel someone is a “traitor” for making sure we uphold our commitment to the truth, you’re are on the wrong forum or an imbecile….or both.

25 posted on 6/2/2019, 9:28:48 AM by traderrob6

This being Freeperville, I’m thinking that being an imbecile is kinda part of the membership requirements.
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Language, language.

To: SMGFan

In the full context, Trump did not say she was nasty.

Yes, he did.

Trump said that declaring that she would move to Canada if Trump got elected was a nasty thing to say.

No, he didn’t.

Few would disagree with that position.

21 posted on 6/2/2019, 9:11:50 AM by norwaypinesavage (Calm down and enjoy the ride, great things are happening for our country)

You mean, “No one but Freepers would disagree with reality”.
Could the Freeperati get any more deranged?
To: SMGFan
If I say, “I didn’t know you were a son-of-a-bitch,” it’s not the same as calling you a son-of-a-bitch. Even if you are a son-of-a-bitch.
42 posted on 6/2/2019, 10:06:11 AM by Mr Ramsbotham (“God is a spirit, and man His means of walking on the earth.”)
Forget I asked.
More reality denial after the “read more” thing.

What’s keeping the “Even if he DID say that, others have said worse” brigade?
To: IronJack


Well, back in 2016, weren’t all the liberal women running around bragging that they were “nasty women”? Remember Ashley Judd, Madonna wanting to blow up the White House, etc.,etc., etc. Being a “nasty woman” was a badge of honor to those skanks.

43 posted on 6/2/2019, 10:19:52 AM by Inspectorette

You guys DO realize that at some point, it’s going to be impossible to make fun of you?
13th-dimensional chess moron says what?
To: SMGFan


Me thinks President Trump is using this as a decoy….the Press are so easily distracted.

45 posted on 6/2/2019, 10:22:18 AM by goodnesswins (White Privilege EQUALS Self Control & working 50-80 hrs/wk for 40 years!)

And from the “If he did say that he didn’t mean it” squad :
To: CAluvdubya


He mean’t(sic) ‘being nasty’, not that she ‘was’ nasty.

60 posted on 6/2/2019, 12:37:37 PM by TribalPrincess2U (0bama’s agenda�Divide and conquer seems to be working.?)

“traderrob66” takes a parting shot at Anne Elk :
To: Ann Archy


You are an angry little monkey aren’t you.

After more research I have come to belive that Trump intended to state that Markle’s statement concerning moving to Canada if he was elected was “nasty” and not that she was nasty.

But the statement “I didn’t know she was nasty” could certainly and honestly be take to mean calling her nasty. At the very least arguably interpreted to mean either.

A lie is defined as “to make an untrue statement with intent to deceive.”

First, it’s simply my belief NOW that what Trump INTENDED to relay was that’s it was Markle’s statement and not her that was “nasty” but to categorize my initial conclusions as an “untrue statement” is erroneous. It may or may not be as it’s obviously open to interpretation.

Second, from initially listening to the audio, it certainly left me with the impression that he indeed meant she was or at least could be “nasty”. Bottom line, I definitively had NO intention to deceive anyone.

Unfortunately people like you are just as bad as the raving lunatics on the DU other than you happen to be at least on the correct side of the political spectrum. Calling people names that you disagree with, believing there motives to be malevolent just because they don’t jibe with your opinions. Frankly, your hyperbolic mindless ad hominem characterizations embarrass not only you but many of us that politically stand for the same things.

68 posted on 6/2/2019, 1:47:51 PM by traderrob6

And now – the post of the thread!
To: allendale


Nothing personal against them except Charles. The boys at least have served their country.

100 posted on 6/3/2019, 5:08:36 PM by Sam Gamgee

See you good people next Monday.

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  1. Yeah, well the club of women that The Darnold has called “nasty” does seem rather a highly esteemed, exclusive, one.

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