Today on Tommy T’s obsession with NextDoor. com – barbarians at the gates edition

Well, people – since I’ve had about enough of Gladys Kravitz’s favourite site (NextDoor) and people who live in a town (Carrollton) that made the list of the safest cities in Texas  constantly complaining about “intruders”, so I decided to post the following in the Nob Hill NextDoor group :

Late last night (around 8:00) I noticed suspicious activity in my back alleyway. First, a probable coyote was walking along on the other side of my fenceline, obviously up to no good. If you ignore these vicious predators, they will form gangs and lurk on street corners.

Knowing this, I activated my Ring-a-ding-ding camera’s optional emergency alert system (connected to twin locomotive air horns) to frighten the probable coyote away. This worked, but less than a minute later, someone I didn’t recognize came sauntering down the alleyway calling out for his obvious fellow gang member, “Spot”.

Since the air horns need time to recharge from the air compressor, I called the Carrollton Police department. They took their own sweet time getting here, and approached the probable gang member just as the probable coyote came running to him and lept into his arms and either started eating or licking (lighting was bad) the gangster’s face.

The police started laughing – I assume at me, although I was safe in my fortified danger room monitoring this on the multiple monitors of my Ring-a-ding-ding system. I addressed them through the PA system speakers and demanded that both of these interlopers (obviously in league with each other) be either apprehended or put down immediately.

They replied that it was just a nearby neighbour out looking for his dog, and that Carrollton is one of the safest cities in Texas.

Obviously, the police have been infiltrated by the Deep State, and can no longer be trusted.

I’ll be redoubling my watch, and will be booby-trapping my back gate, garage door, and of course, my front door,

You can’t be too careful these days.

Sorry about no Freeperati post this week, but the lumbar radiculopathy thing has taken a turn for the worse, including a backwards fall off some porch steps. Nothing broken but my pride, but my contribution to the opioid epidemic has increased dramatically.

My contrast MRI is scheduled for Thursday, so hopefully the neurosurgeon will know which nerve roots to burn, and how deep, and do it bloody quick.

Also, “Best Of NextDoor” is now my fave Twitter destination.

And to close out – a real post from my NextDoor group :

Wait for it…..

This guy came by our house around 4:30 on Thursday. The guy was selling security systems. We have one of the city yard signs that warns solicitors about permits and to stay away, so my husband simply told the guy that he better read that sign, then closed the door.

Catastrophe narrowly averted!




4 thoughts on “Today on Tommy T’s obsession with NextDoor. com – barbarians at the gates edition

  1. The facebook page is no longer around. Jim Robinson’s account only posts fundraiser notifications, which anyone with admin access can impersonate. I think he’s passed away or disabled, and the family is just raking in the money off these suckers.

      1. This is what I get through your link:

        The link you followed may have expired, or the page may only be visible to an audience you’re not in.

        Maybe I was banned, but since I never posted, only lurked, I doubt that’s the case.

      2. I think I may have been banned… still don’t know why, unless they go through regular purges via looking up every member account… although I’m fully private AFAIK.

        Oh well… been banned at least 3 times already from the main site already, no worries here. It’s too bad I can’t see the crazy in the FB page, but the site suffices.

        They broke the 88k USD barrier on NYE or a day prior… which means they’re probably inflating numbers just to jumpstart the next quarter’s scam. And I still think Jim Rob is dead. His account has written absolutely nothing of consequence in the past year besides milquetoast “I also agree with this” type of filler post, while the bulk has been thanking members for their donations.

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