Saturday Odds & Sods: Bluebird

Toucan by Henri Rousseau.

It’s cold enough in New Orleans that I broke down and turned on the central heat. We’ve been making do with space heaters and extra blankets. I hate the burning dust smell when the unit is first switched on. It usually gives me a headache and it happened again. Oh well, what the hell.

Sunday is a Saints home game against the arch-rival Atlanta Falcons. A friend gave us his tickets so I’m going. It’s the first real crowd I’ve been in since the Cursed Carnival of 2020. I’m nervous but vaccines or negative COVID tests are required. The mask mandate has been lifted here but I plan to mask up like Zorro. I’ll leave the saber at home for obvious reasons. I’ll let y’all know how it goes.

This week’s featured image is a Toucan by French primitive artist Henri Rousseau. This week’s theme song is about a different bird altogether. Bluebird was written in 1967 by Stephen Stills as a follow-up single to Buffalo Springfield’s monster hit, For What It’s Worth. It was an Odds & Sods theme song last year, FWIW.

There are many swell versions of Bluebird out there. We’re showcasing four: the Buffalo Springfield original, the James Gang with Joe Walsh, Bonnie Raitt, and Los Lobos.

Now that we’ve been mesmerized by the depth of her eyes, let’s join hands and jump to the break.

Here’s Macca’s Bluebird; different song, same title.

I’m still feeling a bit bird-brained (better than cheese-brained) so here’s Stephen Stills singing Macca’s Blackbird:

Lest you think that this post is for the birds, we begin our second act with a bird free piece from Slate.

The Dread Tomahawk Chop: The Atlanta Braves just defeated the Houston Astros in the World Series. I was rooting for the losing team because of manager Dusty Baker who managed my San Francisco Giants from 1993-2002. Dusty has never won the World Series as a manager. He was on the 1981 Dodgers team that won but I long ago forgave him for that. How could I not? He was on deck when Henry Aaron broke Ruth’s record in 1974. That’s a lot of history.

I wish that the dread tomahawk chop was history, but it’s not. Slate’s Stefan Fatsis tells the tale of the music/chant used during the dread tomahawk chop. I prefer pork or lamb chops myself; anything but that cheesy Indian movie music. Oy, jut oy. Get thee to Slate for the gory details.

The Impeached Insult Comedian attended a World Series game and gleefully did the chop:

Duce, Duce, Duce.

Let’s wash that vile taste out of our mouth with some pork chops and gravy:

Arrivederci Lucifer The show, not the devil. Lucifer Morningstar and his merry band of miscreants have run for 6 seasons and 93 episodes. The last few seasons have been erratic: great story lines alternating with lame ones. The strength of the show was always in the characters. I’ll miss them but I’m glad the show ended before jumping the proverbial shark. It came close several times, but it pulled back. Who wants to deal with wet angel wings? Ugh, just ugh.

The last word of our second act goes to the cast of Lucifer performing Another One Bites The Dust at a murder scene:

We begin our third act with our favorite stolen feature.

Separated At Birth Casting Edition: I’ve already done an Edward G. Robinson movie list, it’s time for Emanuel Goldberg to make this feature.

Michael Stuhlbarg played EGR in a swell movie set in the blacklist era, Trumbo. Here are the Eddies:

We move from Trumbo to toons.

Saturday GIF Horse: As a Warners star, an animated version of Edward G. Robinson made more than a few editions of Looney Tunes.

I’m surprised Toon Garbo wasn’t waving off Toon Eddie’s cigar smoke. I would have if I were her.

The Movie List: Nick Nolte turned 80 earlier this year. Matt Zoller-Seitz wrote a fine tribute in Vulture to mark the occasion.

I’ve always had a special place in my film buff heart for Nick Nolte. I do a decent impression of his raspy, gravelly voice but, more importantly, he acted in a community theatre in Phoenix, Arizona with my favorite cousin. She told him that he was too talented for community theatre, and he needed to go to LA pronto. Smart woman, my favorite cousin.

My Top Ten Favorite Nick Nolte Movies

  1.    Under Fire
  2.    Down and Out In Beverly Hills
  3.    The Thin Red Line
  4.    Lorenzo’s Oil
  5.    Who’ll Stop The Rain
  6.    North Dallas Forty
  7.    Q&A
  8.    Cape Fear
  9.    48 Hrs
  10.    Prince Of Tides

Omitting Nolte’s hilarious turn as a former president in the teevee series Graves was difficult but the man has done a lot of great work.

The Nolte list was inspired by an appearance he made on Cannon as a boxer in an episode called Arena Of Fear.

William Conrad as Frank Cannon is one of my guilty pleasures. It’s pretty darn hardboiled for a Seventies shamus show. I used to watch it with my mother. Now I watch it on MeTv. So it goes.

The last word of the segment is the obvious one. See #5 on the Nolte list.

It’s time for some time travel. Cue Peabody and Sherman:

Tweet Of The Week: That was a short trip. This week’s Tweet shows why I love Steve Buscemi so much. He’s a regular guy who gives out candy on Halloween.

Let’s close down this virtual honky tonk with some more music.

Saturday Classic: I posted a tune from David Byrne’s 1989 album Rei Momo in my election wrap up post. It reminded me of what a great album it is.

That’s all for this week. The last word goes to the Season 4 cast of Lucifer: Rachael Harris, DB Woodside, Lesley-Ann Brandt, Tricia Helfer, Tom Ellis, Lauren German, Kevin Alejandro, and Aimee Garcia.

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  1. Ask Nick where he got the gravelly-voice thing and he’ll tell you: Jim Gammon. And RIP the Raincheck!

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