Today on Tommy T’s Obsession with the Freeperati – “Free The Pedos” edition

Well, people – you knew this was coming :


Senate confirms Judge Ketanji Brown Jackson to Supreme Court in historic vote
abc ^ | STAFF

Posted on 4/7/2022, 1:30:46 PM by Red Badger

Jackson will be the first Black woman in history to sit on the high court.

1 posted on 4/7/2022, 1:30:46 PM by Red Badger
Historic vote!!!
To: Red Badger

She’s a woman…

It was a hysterical vote.

13 posted on 4/7/2022, 1:34:11 PM by Paladin2

Ah, Freepers – still struggling to get out of the 19th Century….
To: Red Badger


2 posted on 4/7/2022, 1:32:11 PM by Aria

A woman AND a Negro?? How dare they??
To: Red Badger

What a f… Bitch

9 posted on 4/7/2022, 1:33:29 PM by steve86 (Prophecies of Maelmhaedhoc O’Morgair (Latin form: Malachy))

And just to get the whole thing in perspective :
To: Red Badger

So is their(sic) a biologist on the staff that put this piece together? How do they know she is a woman?

19 posted on 4/7/2022, 1:36:10 PM by abishai ( )

To: Red Badger

How do they know it’s a woman?

25 posted on 4/7/2022, 1:37:00 PM by alternatives? (The only reason to have an army is to defend your borders.)

I’m sensing a pattern here…
To: Red Badger

How does the author know the judge is a woman? Are they a biologist?

30 posted on 4/7/2022, 1:40:28 PM by Ingtar

Can’t one of you nincompoops quit fantasizing about looking under her dress?
To: Red Badger

Who knows? She could turn out to be like Chief Justice Roberts.

Oh sh!t…


62 posted on 4/7/2022, 1:56:47 PM by M Kehoe (Quid Pro Joe and the Ho need to go.)

To: Red Badger
I really am confused,

Why am I not surprised?

the Title says she is a ‘Woman’. Can we get a biologist here to take a look?

66 posted on 4/7/2022, 1:59:11 PM by rovenstinez

They’re doomed, I tells ya – DOOMED!!!
To: Red Badger; All

NOT unexpected, but still heartbreaking news.

We’re so screwed. No, we’re BEYOND screwed. What comes after screwed? Tattooed? LOL!

Either way, we’re it.

Plan accordingly for you and yours, FRiends. 🙁

75 posted on 4/7/2022, 2:06:44 PM by Diana in Wisconsin (I don’t have, ‘Hobbies.’ I’m developing a robust Post-Apocalyptic skill set. )

“Plan accordingly”, indeed :
I hear there’s a sale on Nikes at WalMart!
To: Diana in Wisconsin

I’m keeping my faith in God alone. And God help me but I’m ready to embrace the second coming.

86 posted on 4/7/2022, 2:15:21 PM by navymom1

Works for me.
To: who knows what evil?

They picked the darkest skinned black woman they could find. The bad hair was just a bonus.

121 posted on 4/7/2022, 3:28:20 PM by lodi90

Sho’ nuff?
To: Red Badger

What? She’s not a woman! Didn’t even know what a woman was when asked. Could have very easily felt between her legs to find out but is obviously too stupid to think of that!




Please God, save this great nation from this filth!!!!

132 posted on 4/7/2022, 4:20:58 PM by eeriegeno (Checks and balances??? What checks and balances?)

To: Red Badger

How do we know Jackson is a woman? Jackson doesn’t even know the definition of a woman.This bitch needs to be impeached.

I thought you didn’t know if she was a woman?

I don’t care if the articles of impeachment are made up out of thin air.

146 posted on 4/8/2022, 9:41:11 AM by ConservativeInPA (Scratch a leftist and you’ll find a fascist )
Ah yes – Republicans and the Rule Of Law.
You never disappoint, do you?
To: Red Badger

God help us all. Another nail in the coffin of the USA  GOP


courtesy of the Democrap party and their ally Mitt Romney…

33 posted on 4/7/2022, 1:41:19 PM by rod5591

To: Red Badger

She’s there for life. Thanks romney, murkowski and collins.

24 posted on 4/7/2022, 1:36:58 PM by pfflier

And last up – it’s Just Kidding!!
Trump: US should ‘bomb the sh** out of Russia
Arutz Sheva ^ | 6/3/22 | David Rosenberg
Posted on 3/6/2022, 2:07:31 PM by Eleutheria5Former President Donald Trump joked about bombing Russia Saturday, saying the US should disguise its warplanes and use them for a mass attack, CBS News and the Washington Post reported.Speaking for 84 minutes at a gathering of some 250 Republican donors in New Orleans on Saturday, Trump said the US should bomb Russia heavily, then blame China for the incident to spark a war between the two countries.The US should “put the Chinese flag” on F-22 Raptor fighter jets, then “bomb the sh**” out of Russia, Trump joked, drawing laughs from those present, a source told CBS News. The Washington Post reported that it had obtained a recording of Trump’s comments at the gathering.”And then we say, ‘China did it,'” Trump continued. “Then they start fighting with each other, and we sit back and watch.”


That’s our Trump;D
1 posted on 3/6/2022, 2:07:31 PM by Eleutheria5
It certainly is.
To: Eleutheria5
Trump said the US should bomb Russia heavily, then blame China for the incident to spark a war between the two countries.

So he was joking.



Of course the press will say he’s an insane nazi who wants to start WW3 with Russia while simultaneously being a puppet of Russia.

2 posted on 3/6/2022, 2:11:04 PM by pepsi_junkie (Often wrong, but never in doubt!)

Yep.  I think that about covers it.
See you good people next Monday!