Pulp Fiction Thursday: House Of Wax

Halloween lingers in my head. As far as I’m concerned, Vincent Price *is* Halloween. Even with a bad script, Price is all treat, no trick.

House Of Wax is the movie that set the tone for the second half of Vincent’s career. The horror part, not the 3-D gimmickry.

Here are two lobby cards that set the tone for terror or some such shit. I sound like a trailer plugging the movie. Why not? I like it a lot.

The second poster is all about 3-D gimmickry as is this trailer:

House Of Wax was a remake of 1933’s The Mystery Of The Wax Museum. I rarely prefer remakes but in this case I do. Vincent Price as the sensitive sculptor turned homicidal maniac is why. I love me some Vinnie. Lionel Atwill was good but no Vincent Price.