The Sunday Dozen: Food Songs

Everyone at First Draft has posted about food this week. From my annual post to new food oriented posts by Cassandra and Jamie O.

Gluttony is still on the menu this Sunday. Since the first Sunday Dozen featured Crowded House, I thought a piece of chocolate cake was in order as the featured image.

There are scads of food songs; some of which I’d never heard before. I think we wound up with a representative sample of them. Not a sample, a buffet.

Some of the songs are *about* food others use food as a metaphor. Nothing wrong with a few food metaphors among friends. We’ll skip the food fight. Too messy for my taste.

As always, the songs are arranged in chronological order and reflect my personal taste.

It’s time to put Peabody and Sherman to work. Let’s rev up the Wayback Machine.

We begin in the land of metaphor with Fats Waller’s All That Meat and No Potatoes. 

Saturday Night Fish Fry is the first of three Louisiana-centric songs in a row. Mmm, a rockin’ fish fry in New Orleans.

Next up, one of the most famous food songs of all-time. I seem to have misplaced my pirogue, so you’ll have to go to the bayou without me.

I originally thought Green Onions would be Booker T & the MGs contribution to this post. But why have onions when you can dine on Red Beans and Rice?

We’ve eaten some fattening food thus far, so it’s time to put Vegetables on the menu. I’ll take mine without a side of Mike Love.

Another food as metaphor song. This time, the world is an onion. I am not making this up: Ashford and Simpson did.

What’s an Adrastos listicle without a Kinks song? “Boiled, French fried, any old way you want to decide.”

The soup du jour is Minestrone as a metaphor for life in general or some such shit. “Life is a minestrone, served up with parmesan cheese. Death is a cold lasagna, suspended in deep freeze.”

I originally considered ordering the list as a menu with soups, salads, and appetizers up front. I discarded that idea and settled for some Rad Gumbo, which was the number 8 song on my Louisiana Tunes listicle from 2019.

Cornbread was written and recorded by an old friend of my Louisiana family, David Bankston. It features his old pal Sam Broussard of the Mamou Playboys. Cornbread and cronies make the world go round.

The next song is dedicated to my friend Kyle the Drummer. He’s downright wheezy for Weezer. His position on pork and beans for dinner is unknown.

Dr. A had a co-worker whose grasp on the English language was somewhat shaky. She thought that Dire Straits was a dude, not the band’s name.

Ladies and germs, it’s time for some bacon roll with Mr. Dire Straits. Let’s just call him Mark Silent K.

This week’s lagniappe section is dedicated to dessert. We begin with truffles of the chocolaty kind then cut the cake and finally eat some chocolate cake. Are you full yet?

I hope that was as much fun for you as it was for me. I’m stuffed.

The last word goes to Oliver Twist: