Saturday Odds & Sods: November Tale

Clown At A Diner by Thomas Hoepker.

It’s the last Saturday in November. We took a short road trip to visit some friends for Thanksgiving. You know what that means: a truncated Odds & Sods post.

We boarded the cats for two days. They did better than expected. Perry organized the other cats and Claire looked on disdainfully. The vet’s staff have now had the full Perry Mason HOWL experience. He’s almost as loud as The Who in 1975.

Mike Scott and James Maddock wrote this week’s theme song for the 2014 Waterboys album, Modern Blues. It’s one of their best records. We saw them at Tipitina’s on that tour. I wore a fedora ala Mike Scott and played a bit of air fiddle ala Steve Wickham. A good time was had by all.

Let’s spin a November Tale:

How about some more November songs?

Just wanted to be sure that you remembered what month it was, even if it ends in four days.

We begin our second act by skipping it altogether except for this kinda sorta seasonal song that features the fantastic fiddling of Papa John Creach.

We begin our third act with our favorite stolen feature.

Separated At Birth Casting Edition: There have been more onscreen portrayals of Marilyn Monroe than you could shake a stick at. I’m not sure why one would do such a silly thing, but it’s an expression that has stuck with me.

Here are three of the many Marilyns: Uma Thurman, Katharine McPhee, and Megan Hilty:

There have been so many movie Marilyns that we could have a Marilyn of the week feature, but we won’t. Too many Marilyns spoil the broth or some such shit.

The Movie List: If you’re expecting a Marilyn list, you’d be wrong. Instead, another gorgeous actress from Hollywood’s Golden Age who died too young, Ann Sheridan.

Sheridan was called the Oomph Girl by the Warner Brothers publicity department. I guess you had to be there.

My Top Ten Favorite Ann Sheridan Movies

  1. Angels With Dirty Faces
  2. City For Conquest
  3. They Drive By Night
  4. The Man Who Came To Dinner
  5. Nora Prentiss
  6. The Unfaithful
  7. Woman On The Run
  8. Dodge City
  9. Edge Of Darkness
  10. I Was A Male War Bride

Celebrity Booze Ad Corner: If you’re like me, you need several post-Thanksgiving cocktails. Walter Pidgeon has just the ticket to either pep you up or knock you out:

I dig Walter’s ascot. Did he say Manhattan?

Saturday GIF Horse: I used a Marxian GIF in my Who Cares? post this week. Who cares? I do.

Let’s close down this virtual honky tonk with some more music.

Saturday Closer: Here’s a 1986 video that should rock your world or at least our country: Calling America.

You rang?

The last word goes to Ann Sheridan and Jimmy Cagney in City For Conquest.

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  1. My mom’s favorite cocktail was a manhattan, although she never drank one with Walter Pidgeon.

  2. I like them too but I never drank one with Walter’s favorite leading lady, Greer Garson.

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