Herschel Walker Top Ten List

I’m going to miss having Herschel Walker to kick around. It’s so easy that it feels unfair at times but it’s what I do. It’s not kicking down when you go after a guy running for the senate. But Herschel is such an idiot that it qualifies as low hanging fruit or is that a low hanging jock?

This is another post idea that came to me after being awakened by a cat. This time by the feisty and argumentative Perry Mason who acted as if he’d just lost a case to Hamilton Burger. Kitty should know that he never loses a case: no wonder he’s spoiled.

The post title is deliberately vague. There are so many options, but I boiled them down to three:

  • Top Ten Dumbest Herschel Walker Quotes
  • Top Ten Biggest Herschel Walker Scandals
  • Top Ten Reasons Why Herschel Walker Lost

The last one required to stick my neck out and predict a winner. It’s a good thing there’s not a Guillotine available.

I give you the Top Ten Reasons Why Herschel Walker Lost in a pictorial format just like last time.










And the NUMBER-1 reason Herschel Walker lost:

The last word is inspired by something Walker’s son Christian said about him:

2 thoughts on “Herschel Walker Top Ten List

  1. Your cat’s name is Perry Mason? You missed an opportunity to name him Purry Mason. (OK, I like puns)
    Also: I can’t help hearing “Herschel Walker would rather be a werewolf than a vampire” to the tune of Simon & Garfunkel’s El Condor Pasa (If I Could)….

  2. I like puns too but we had earlier cats named Della Street and Paul Drake so we had to stick to Perry. Perry, however, is purry.

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