No Laughing Matter

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I like to think I have a lively sense of humor. They don’t call me Shecky for nothing. I also have a  loud and contagious laugh. If there were still such a thing as professional laughers, I’d be qualified. Usually, I like the sound of laughing then I heard this:

That’s the audio cited in the federal indictment.

When I heard the audio, the laughing morons gave me a flashback to W’s cackling cousin Billy Bush and the Access Hollywood tape. The air is thick will sycophancy and mendacity. They don’t seem to understand that:

Glenn Miller was a patriot who would have been appalled by the Bedminster recording. He didn’t die during World War II, so a president could wave around our national secrets. With Trump, it always comes down to dick waving.

Back to our sordid story.

On the recording, the Indicted Impeached Insult Comedian claims the papers will exonerate him. Instead, the audio eviscerates him. He’s waving around classified documents whilst telling bad jokes. His captive audience laughs as if it’s funniest thing they’ve ever heard. Did anyone use arcane slang and call him this?

The Puppetmaster DBA Andrew Weissmann was on The Last Word with Lawrence O’Donnell after the story broke. This is his reaction:

I usually dislike the word bombshell. It typically belongs in the dictionary of discarded journalistic cliches. In this instance, it applies. KABOOM.

The Puppetmaster declared game over but with a caveat: If the jury follows the law. If they do, I’ll have a decision to make as to whether to add Convicted to Indicted Impeached Insult Comedian. That’s a whole lotta typing but I like the sound of it. Should I go with Convicted Impeached Insult Comedian instead? We’ll cross that burning bridge when we get to it.

The purloined papers case remains the dumbest scandal ever. The wounds are all stupidly self-inflicted. Holy unforced error, Batman.

The Kaiser of Chaos seems to view classified documents as talismans that endow him with power he no longer has. Apparently, dick waving is more satisfying when it’s classified. Classified Dick Waving would be a good name for a punk rock band.

Speaking of punk rock bands:

Trump’s defenses change on a daily basis and get lamer and lamer. This defense is so lame that it should wear a cast. The stupidity, it burns.

The last word goes to The Guess Who:

UPDATE: I dig Marcy Wheeler’s take on this story. Her title rocks too: The Milley Tape: “Bring Some Cokes In Please.”

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  1. Convicted should come before Impeached, because otherwise it would seem to imply that he had been convicted due to his impeachment, rather than separately. It also creates symmetry in C II C, or sea to shining sea.

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