Around The Horn: Climate, Fake Moderates, Gay Office Managers

Well-known wealthy people on stage promoting a way to get Donald Trump elected in 2024.

I am going to start a semi-regular trip around the American political landscape called Around the Horn. Sometimes there is just a lot to write about.

First off, I will start with the climate, which continues to try to make us GET THE HINT ALREADY. Phoenix continues to roast, making a serious run at the record of 18 consecutive days over 110, which it should easily break early next week. Daily high temperature records are dropping like flies, and lows are remaining above 90.

One of the dumber things that climate deniers will use as an attempt to wave all of this off is “uh, stupid, it’s summer, of course it is hot in Phoenix.” Similar to “uh, stupid, it’s Buffalo of course they are getting a lot of snow” during Buffalo’s deadly lake effect snow storm last December, these are extreme events that are outside the norm.

Vermont and New York also saw devastating floods, and water temperatures reached an astounding 98 degrees off the southern tip of Florida. Gosh, beginning to think something might be going on with the planet? And this is likely just the beginning, with all kinds of nightmare scenarios possible:

Of course, a lot on the right and some moderates demonstrated during COVID that death doesn’t really mean much (as of today, 590,042 Americans have died since Emma Green published “The Liberals Who Can’t Quit Lockdown” in The Atlantic on May 4, 2021).

Speaking of moderates, I join our Blog Leader Adrastos in being irked about a certain segment of the DC Very Smart Media buying that Crazed Congresscretin Marge Greene is pivoting to the center. Yes, just like all the times Trump was pivoting and becoming presidential (my goodness, finding “moments” where Trump was doing the presidential pivot was a serious hobby for CNN on-air talent during the Orange Infestation’s reign).

As Cassandra pointed out to us, often claims of moderation/centrism are merely bullshit, like the No Labels garbage. It is indeed a GOP stalking horse and one that has the potential to be a problem for Biden in 2024 because for some reason there are too many Americans who are dumb enough to buy into the idea that “both sides are just as bad” as if Biden is some sort of far-left ranting looney that is a mirror of whatever horror the GOP nominates in 2024.

So-called centrism has been a problem for too long. The moderates in Congress poked at and chopped Obama’s Great Recession stimulus plan and Obamacare until it they both were about the seventh or eighth best solution, forcing Democrats to sell two unpopular packages that led to the GOP’s Red Wave in 2010. See also the oily, greasy problem that is Fossil Fuel Chief Lobbyist Joe Manchin when it comes to climate change. Not to mention, the COMMON SENSE SOLUTIONS of Professional Grifter Krysten Sinema, whose combination of outright theft and the creepy way she laughs when questioned about the potentially harmful effects of her policy ideas makes me wonder about the morals of anyone who would support her.

Not to mention, we got a planet burning out here, so incrementalism and centrist “caution,” such as spouting hoW ArE yOU GoiNG tO PaY foR ThAT in response to every climate solution, will not work. That’s like declaring that slamming on the brakes in response to a guy running a red light in front of you is too radical.

Finally, it’s Friday, so some happy news. My home state (Pennsylvania) has two senators who put their money where their mouth is as far as being an LGBTQ ally. Senators Bob Casey and John Fetterman are number one and number three, respectively, in the list of senators who have the most staff who identify as LGBTQ. Casey’s office is a 30% representation, and Fetterman is at 28% (Patty Murray of Washington State is second at 29%). Diversity is good.

One thing that I also was happy to see, it appears that Fetterman’s trademark offbeat sense of humor is back, as he posted a popular meme from the excellent and nutty HBO show White Lotus.

Actress/Comedian/Gay Icon Jennifer Coolidge is the woman in the meme, and her rather hilariously nutty character is trying to tell a very confused elderly man who doesn’t speak English that two gay men are trying to kill her. It’s a very popular meme for LGBTQ people to use for comedy on social media, and I was happy to see our very funny Giant Bald Senator using it to make a point with humor.

I hope everyone has a wonderful weekend that’s not too hot, unless you want it to be…

The last word goes to Sona Jobarteh, an African singer/kora player who is also an activist on gender issues and general human rights. Just a remarkable musician.

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  1. NO LABELS is clearly a massive conspiracy to get labels torn off of mattresses in violation of federal law.

    The FBI should haul ’em off to prison, amirite?

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