When Lesbian Dolls Attack!

Stupid bigots, my very favorite flavor:

MILWAUKEE – A Roman Catholic school is canceling a fashion show by the manufacturer of American Girl dolls and books amid conservative groups’ criticism of a girls organization that receives support from the company.

St. Luke School in Brookfield notified its parents of the decision through bulletins at Masses over the weekend.

Two national groups — the Pro-Life Action League in Chicago and the American Family Association in Tupelo, Miss. — have raised questions about the American Girl brand and its parent company, Mattel Inc., because of the company’s fund-raising for Girls Inc., formerly known as Girls Clubs of America.

The American Family Association has called Girls Inc. “a pro-abortion, pro-lesbian advocacy group.” Girls Inc., which has more than 1,500 centers across the country, says it provides a variety of programs to educate and encourage girls and does accept lesbian sexual orientation. Alexander Kopelman, director of communications, said it does not include abortion in its programming, though it does not control what leaders say if girls ask about it.

The money raised from the benefit would have refurbished the school’s library and built a new playground.

So it’s fitting, in a way. Keep the kids stupid and lazy and they won’t ever question such pointless, spiteful, self-righteous bullshit from any authority figure whatsoever.

The pastor of the church goes on to say that he’d like to give the kids those things, but “our integrity is at stake.”

I’ll say.