You Deserve To Get It Good And Hard

I don’t agree with everything in this post but this portion comes close to what I feel when one of my Bush-supporting acquaintances raises even one eyebrow about the state of affairs in this country:

And there’s no doubt in my mind that the GOP fully understands the creepy religious right works a lot better for them raising money with the carrot-on-a-stick just out of reach scam, that’s been a top producer for so many decades. But it has taken on an inertia of its own at this point, and now Bush has no choice but to retreat into this monsterous corpus that he helped create. So if it’s going to happen, it’s gonna happen soon; then really, you dumb ass bitches and men in denial who didn’t take it as a real threat deserve exactly what you get.

No. Really. You fucking deserve it because that’s what you voted for. We tried to warn you and you didn’t listen. You young men with guns and confederate flags deserve to be saddled with a bunch of kids you’re not even sure are yours by the time you’re eighteen-years old. You folks on fixed incomes who voted for Bush because your pastor told you to, who can’t afford to have a slew of teenage grandkids with their own whining larvae in tow flock to your two-room Florida retirement home and leech off you until you die; you deserve it. You baby-boomers that bravely demonstrated against the Vietnam war when your ass was on the line and then turned your back on your own children’s future deserve to have a bunch of young’ins bouncing around your house wrecking your entire life, your bank account, and every possession you have–and you deserve to have your 40-1-K and your pensions raided also just FYI. You soccer moms that thought women’s rights was a great idea and that the Republicans were just paying lip service to the nutcases, you deserve to be relegated back to the secretarial pools and the kitchens; And on the wrong end of a late in life divorce where you get fucked in court, while your mid-life hubby fucks the daylights out of his augmented new 25 year-old trophy wife he traded you in for, and hangs on to every asset you thought you had.

Because elections really do have consequences. Arch-rightwing male judges really do have an inclination to set precedent for insuring that women get screwed, and not in the good way ladies. The Bushistas really are appointing fringe extremists who legislate from the bench, striking down law the religious right doesn’t like. And these wingnut judges really do have a history of making all kinds of discrimination and theft legal. That’s exactly what you shit-heads and sell-outs voted for and brought down on yourselves and everyone else–if it comes to pass.

Gas prices too high? Too many kids you know dying in the war? Stocks and bonds not doing as well as you’d like? Abortion rates up the last few years? Kids not learning jack shit in their school? Airwaves taken up with debate about how old the earth is when there are panhandlers outside your door? Your church involved in a protracted legal fight over gays? Fact that Osama’s still out there keeping you up at night? Sick of “bad news” from Iraq? Taking out a second mortgage to pay for the kid’s college education? Well GOD DAMN, if only there was something you could have done about it.

After the election a Brit friend of mine was lamenting our sudden backward turn and I told her, you know, we tried, we tried really hard. Holden said it best of all on the dark morning of Nov. 3: Bush won the largest constituency in the country. Assholes. Once you’ve got that demographic locked up, there’s really not much more we can do.

And there’s a certain vindictive, vengeful, shameful part of me that thinks DarkSyde’s right in this portion of the post, and let them shove their noses into the shitpile for a while, see if they like the smell. You bought what they were selling, so don’t come whining to me that there ought to be a warning label on this Ginsu knife set telling everybody how sharp it is. You watched the informercial with me, you watched it cut through a tin can. If you want to go ahead and try it on your wrists, you can’t come to me later demanding I give you a Band-Aid. I’m sick of it, O Party of Personal Responsibility. Slice away, see if I care, just don’t expect me to clean up the blood.

The trouble is, that approach is only worth it if it leads to them rearing back in disgust, putting the knives down and picking up shovels and paper towels, and cleaning up the mess. I have utterly no confidence that that will be the conclusion to which they will jump. And the risk to the vulnerable is unacceptable.

We fight for the people who can’t fight for themselves, we always have. I suppose what it’s come to in America these days is that we’re fighting for people who are fighting against themselves, and what’s worse is they don’t even know it.