Never Dreaming That Our Dreams Would Come True: Galactica Thread

Jesus frack.

Spoilers under the cut, as always.

Jacob, who I wish could recap my, you know, life:

When they found New Caprica they just wanted to rest: Kara was tired of the bullshit with Lee and Dualla, so she settled down with her true love Anders and became a wife. Laura was tired of the bullshit with Gaius, so she settled down with Maya and the baby and went back to being a teacher. Chief was tired of the bullshit with his suicidal ideation and leftover feelings about Boomer and Sharon, so he settled down with Cally and became a father. Tigh was tired of the bullshit with the war and he was tired, so he settled down with his wife and tried to figure out their marriage for the first time. Gaius was tired of the burden of having engineered the genocide of humanity, and so he left Gina behind and let himself believe he was a hero: the leader of the first generation of the next human world. They were so tired. They just wanted to lay down their burdens for a little while, and they all got what they wanted. For a year. And now it’s become more true than true, extending into delirious and sickening madness: Kara’s wife and mother to something so much worse than Anders, trapped in a sick parody of the life she tried to construct for herself. Laura’s reduced herself to a position of no power at all, and only watches and tries to help the Resistance without falling into its craziness herself. Chief’s life is about to get simpled up with a quickness, and nothing he does can help the settlement stay clean. Tigh’s marriage is doing better than ever before, as long as he doesn’t allow himself to notice that his wife is hate-fucking evil robots. And Gaius is about to fuck things up so bad that even he can’t write it off as heroism.

For what it’s worth, I think Laura’s retreated even further than that. I think she’s set herself up, in a throwback to her religious bender the first season, as the settlement’s scribe and prophet, and that’s a truly horrific position to put yourself in. And I don’t think Tigh’s ever cared so much about Ellen fracking other guys or girls or robots or pets or whatever, so long as she doesn’t try to get between him and his job, which is what just fracking happened. Holy shit.

I love Tigh so far this season, let me just say. I love hisBrendan Sean Barrett impersonation, the old man too smart to believe the revolutionary rhetoric who believes it anyway but who’ll never let you see that. It’ll kill him in the end, but it’ll be worth it.

I love Sharon’s unshakeable faith in the man her other self shot and killed and betrayed and who wept over her body, I love their fracked-up burned-out relationship and I love where it’s gone. Her mission dependent on faith in a lie, just like the first season and the search for an Earth Adama said he knew existed, all of this has happened before.

And here’s the sick thing about Starbuck and Casey. The daughter of an abuser, looking down at her own daughter, saying, “Sometimes grownups do bad things.” The excuse she herself must have heard a thousand times, after her fingers were broken, one by one, after her face was bruised and bloodied. And her she is, saying it to her own child. I’m not saying Starbuck’s a child abuser. Listen. I’m saying once you’ve heard that said to you in a weak attempt at an apology for something there’s no apologizing for, you’ll never hear it again without a shudder, even when it comes from your own mouth. Even if you mean it, even if you’ve never laid a hand on that child in anger, it’s that we only have so many words in our language and they just get so loaded down with things like this. Leoben found the way to get her and oh, it’s working. Just like the Cylons, we try to do it differently and we end up making the same mistakes. All of this has happened before.

Quick things: Adama. Lee. Doesn’t bear writing about. I want Roslin and Zarek to have their own wacky screwball comedy spinoff. If chamalla still exists, why isn’t the whole camp on the stuff? Looks like it tastes better than the hooch. Cylons have prophetic dreams? Er, by which I mean, more naked Lucy Lawless, please thanks. Adama’s speech left me a bit cold, mostly becausethat sort of thing’s been done. And I howled with outrage when the credits appeared, because I couldn’t believe it was over, so fracking soon.

Is it next Friday yet?


19 thoughts on “Never Dreaming That Our Dreams Would Come True: Galactica Thread

  1. Just like the Cylons, we try to do it differently and we end up making the same mistakes.
    didn’t you sort of say this last time? Only about the Cylons? Very true both ways.
    One thing that didn’t really hit home for me until watching the rerun was another parallel with Iraq. The Cylons, at least right now, don’t have enough “boots on the ground” to do the job. If they did, there wouldn’t be such an effective insurgency.

  2. I don’t think it’s a matter of numbers. I think what Doral and Cavill were arguing last time around was that look, in order to truly break a population, you have to be willing to kill everybody, because once a revolutionary ideology takes hold, so long as there’s one person who has that dream inside him you’re threatened as occupiers. That occupiers always come to this eventually, this choice, and it really doesn’t matter because by this point they’ve already lost. I’m too lazy to go haul down my copy of Trinity but there’s a quote somewhere, and I’m sticking to my Irish parallel rather than Iraq, that no crime a man commits on behalf of his freedom can be as great as the crime committed by those who deny him his freedom.
    And the rub there, of course, is deciding who is who. And what is a crime.
    I think the thing this whole season is about is a sort of fuck-you to the general discourse, the assumption that we the TV audience know what we’d do, what parts we’d play in such a scenario. That we know who we’d be in that world. We have no fucking idea, the show seems to be saying. And I agree with the hell out of that.

  3. the assumption that we the TV audience know what we’d do, what parts we’d play in such a scenario. That we know who we’d be in that world. We have no fucking idea, the show seems to be saying.
    Maybe the subtext for Moore’s Get some supplies. Get a plan. Get a clue. [] post on the first anniversary of Katrina.

  4. I’m having real trouble buying the whole starbuck storyline. Everything she’s doing is antithetical to the character so far. She wouldn’t be wasting her time killing the toaster when she knows he’s just gonna come back. She’d be ignoring him and trying to figure out how to get outta jail.
    And I don’t see her getting all mushy maternal over a kid she doesn’t even know is hers. Could be a fully fledged toaster for all she knows.
    I can’t buy Lee getting all fat and sloppy either. One year? Life was easy before the cylon revolt and he stayed in shape…so one year commanding pegasus and he’s a couch potato? Don’t see it.
    I do agree Tigh might finally be turning into a character to be admired. But what will he do with the traitor wife?
    And I *cannot* wait til the storyline has Sharon finding out for sure that Hera is still alive.
    I think Laura retreated to the safety of being a teacher because she was horrified at what she almost did with the election. Teachers don’t have to make those kinds of decisions. Now she’s realizing she should be making those decisions.
    And will Anders and/or Dualla survive the season? Are a married Starbuck and Apollo gonna work for the long haul?

  5. Gee, that ep didn’t go by in two seconds, did it?
    It seems to me that Starbuck probably spent the 4 months trying to escape from her gilded cage. At this point, she’s just killing Leoben out of frustration.
    I also think, deep down, Sharon already knows that Hera is alive.

  6. One thing bugs me about the new season… Is it only the men who’re doing the insurgency’s actual work? Or am I imagining things?

  7. Amazing stuff. But dang it, I just can’t get into this stuff any more. I even tried: Deadwood, The Wire, your show, etc. etc. This after maybe 7-8 years of not watching teevee. Just doesn’t work. No more “oh boy, it’s 8 o’clock!” on any particular night. Ah well.
    So the teevee stays cold, and I STILL don’t have enough hours in every day to do what I want to do! When you’re ancient like me, you may feel the wind blowing through your bones too. There are occasional times when I just want to veg out, and then I’ll see what’s on IFC or HBO, but other than that, nada.
    Generally speaking, even the vegging doesn’t pull me, but I have learned to sit happily dumbfounded by the beauty in my wife’s face as her spirit bubbles out at me. And she’s almost 63!
    Carry on…

  8. Yeah. That’s another thing that bugs me about the Starbuck storyline. She should be out there kicking ass and blowing up toasters. Not showing her ‘softer’ side.

  9. but I don’t think this is her softer side we’re seeing. it’s her nightmare.
    my guess is Kasey will somehow get left during the evacuation. i think it’s Kasey that Three’s oracle dream referred to, not Hera.

  10. Yes it’s her nightmare, but she’s not reacting very Starbuck-ly to the nightmare. She’s letting Loeben push her buttons and then goes all mommy when Kasey shows up.
    Plus, the storyline takes her completely out of the resistance, which just isn’t right at all…
    And why’s Hera so damn special if Kasey is also half human half cylon? And she’s under cylon control? I don’t think Kasey is Starbuck’s kid.

  11. Gonna have to agree to disagree respectfully with you. I agree it’s not the Starbuck we know and love but that’s the point. they’ve broken her and now they have to put her back together. I’m willing to go along through the dark wood/nightmare with these storytellers. I think it’s right that things aren’t right-that’s the story.

  12. Very interesting, the complaint of the Dean Stockwell character (I don’t know names, I am not a true BSG geek!) about being left to die slowly.
    Of course, he gets to “resurrect,” to “download” to a new body. And he was going to ruthlessly murder everyone in that convoy, just like the Nazis do in the WWII movies.
    Nobility abounds.

  13. Agreed about the point of the Starbuck storyline, but aren’t there other women on New Caprica who’d have joined the fight? It seems like what now defines most of the women on the show is their being married to someone, aside for Roslyn. Come to think of it, that’s also the case with Lady MacBeth too… er… I mean, Tigh’s significant other.

  14. You are imagining things.
    Of the top of my head: Selix the sniper who took out the bulletheads at the execution site, in this episode, was a woman. The redhead that was on Caprica with Anders figured prominently in the Webisodes. The second suicide bomber was a woman.
    There your go three examples of women doing the insurgency’s actual work. And kicking ass whilst doing it.

  15. With the exception of the commander of Sharon’s troops — none of them in charge of anything, none of them directing the insurgency in any way.
    Cannon fodder at best.

  16. I have a theory about that. I think that maybe these Cylons aren’t *all* the Cylons. Maybe these Cylons broke away from the rest of the Cylons to try their little experiment with detente.
    That’s the only reason I can think of that explains why they don’t have enough boots on the ground. I mean, all they’d need to do is assign one toaster to every human, full-time. Poof. No insurgency.
    It’s just a theory. But it would make for some interesting drama. Civil war in the Cylon ranks, hmmm?

  17. I’m not convinced that we’re seeing the “softer” side of Starbuck. I think she’s just wearing Sears till she gets Leoben softened up.
    After all, the attempted escapes (which I know had to have happened) didn’t work, the killing of Leoben didn’t work, so what’s left? Using her brain.
    She’s mindfracking Leoben.

  18. That brings up one of the things I’ve been thinking about with the Cylons. Oddly enough, I think they’re at least minimally justified in their willingness to kill ruthlessly. Because they don’t get death. They don’t understand the reality of ceasing to exist.
    I think *that’s* why they’re generating this whole God/religion thing. In humans, the driving force behind the creation of religion is the effort to understand death and the desire to have continued existence. I think the Cylons are trying to get to the point of understanding death by reverse-engineering.

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