23 thoughts on “Pomp ass circumstance

  1. And who lined up the copy text. I’m stuck trying to figure out why it is that way. The ‘in a world at peace’ just doesn’t fit with the card…but not surprising – it didn’t fit with the Bushes then, and it doesn’t now.
    Thor Heyerdahl

  2. Again, as with all things Bush – take it VERY VERY literally.
    I do now wish for love, happiness, and a world at peace – because of their war.
    I will continue to wish for it, and the Bush’s will continue to stand in the way of that wish.
    Remember, Bush ran the CIA in the era of this photo, and did a lot of nasty stuff in out name, including training a lot of the people we fight today.
    I’m sure the current Bush “hopes” that N.O. is rebuilt too, and that our troops will be home by 2004. Don’t hold your breath.

  3. My thoughts exactly.
    I’m scanning the clan noting the Then and Now contrast…until Bar. Wow. She’s always been a NOW, even THEN.

  4. Notice that all the brothers have their ties flipped over their shoulder. Isn’t that some kind of secret gay recognition signal? Just askin’…

  5. That was the plan. That was elite-casual back in the day, doncha know?

  6. and what’s with everyone holding their jackets like that? couldn’t they drop ’em on the bench or something?

  7. I was hoping it was a doobie. But I agreen with Maple Syrup Boy. Back in the day, hanging onto the smoke was not only no biggie — it was kinda kuhl. There are any number of pitchers of me with one of those things in my hand…

  8. no kidding on both accounts.
    Than again, fathering them… with him…
    That’s gotta do something to mind AND body.
    … she could, of course, merely be a 700 year old vampire…
    (she did run the red cross, a.k.a. ‘the vampires’ for a while)

  9. Nevah! And she carries purses just like Queen Elizabeth’s, which comment Babs (or Bar) would take as a high compliment.

  10. was jeb always fat?
    and did georgie always wear his high heels?

  11. hey there you
    And they probably thought the world is their oyster…sad thing is they probably still do

  12. Too bad their “wish for love and happiness in a world at peace” didn’t come true. What a sad Christmas for the troops in Iraq and Afghanistan and their families.
    I can hardly stand to look at this crew.

  13. Are we sure that’s a cigarette, and not a rolled up $100?

  14. Well, judging from the apparent era of the photo, I guess I’m not surprised. Attitudes about smoking were quite different in the days before smoking bans and such. I mean, watch talk shows and stuff from a few decades ago, and you’ll see pretty much everybody smoking. On TV.

  15. The only genuinely funny thing I’ve every heard by George W. Bush was something he said about his family at a holiday dinner. It went something like “It’s nice to have my father here with me as well as Jeb, George P., my girls Jenna and Barbara, and my brother Marvin. Or as I like to say 41, 43, 47, 49, 51 and Marvin”.
    – joejoejoe

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