8 thoughts on “New Boyfriend

  1. oh, my! now, that is what I call leadership!! You know Edwards wouldn’t do a flyover 3 days late!!!
    and, can I just say that his lovely and talented (TM TBogg) wife cleaned the floor with Chris Matthews last week!! GO ELIZABETH!!!
    Dream ticket 2008: Clark/Edwards or Edwards/Clark – yeah, babbee!!!
    (didn’t feel like signing in)

  2. Let me ask a dumb question:
    When Shrub is in NOLA (and also when he’s clearing brush from his massive ranch) is he impecabbly dressed. Why does Edwards look so grungy??????
    Like a rhinestone cooowwwwwbbobooooyyyyy…dah..dah…

  3. Do ya’ll think his “yes” vote on the Iraq War resolution will hurt him badly? As much as I like him, it’s really, really hard for me to understand why he and so many other Democratic senators voted for it.

  4. But, but, but doesn’t that last photo look like a bunch of puppies on his shovel?
    Is Edward shoveling a bunch of puppies into a Furnace? 40 quatloos says that this will be the message the wing-nuts take away from the photo.
    “Edwards, puppy killer!” I do hope I’m not right.

  5. Edwards looks the best to me, so far. I hope that Joe (One Last Shot) Biden will be eliminated quickly. He should hire one of those high-paid DC-insider Democratic(?) strategists who will help move him rapidly off the radar.

  6. Was that last spring break, or this winter break??
    either way, those are real sweat stains
    and that isn’t brush being cleared
    Good Man

  7. Huh, en deshabille, Senator Edwards looks like a cuter version of Atrios.

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