Twenty-Seven MILLION Dollars

Health care’s too expensive. Illegal immigrants are about to bankrupt all our hospitals, suck all our tax dollars down like tequila, and we just can’t afford to give doctors to poor people for free.

Education’s too expensive, too. Where’s the money going to come from? To pay for new textbooks and paint and new windows and boiler systems and to pay teachers enough that they stay at one school forever and ever, and if kids don’t even want to learn, why do we want to blow all our cash on them anyway?

The space program’s too expensive. Urban redevelopment is too expensive. Food pantries are too expensive. Homeless shelters? Too expensive. Rebuilding New Orleans? Good Lord, look it up and it’s the definition of too expensive.

Whenever I’m talking social programs with Republicans, or fundraising with nonprofits, people always talk as though this country and all its inhabitants are on the verge of complete and total bankruptcy. The economy’s terrible, it’s no time to run a capital campaign to help poor homeless kitties. There’s no money to fund the kind of health care program needed to solve the crisis in this country. People don’t care, they won’t give, blah blah blah and it’s never more than complete and total bullshit, and if you need proof of that, look no further than this fucking thing.

The science is what offends most people, the affront to knowledge. I’m more annoyed by the amount of money it cost. I mean, do whatever you want with your cash, really, but nobody can ever tell me this country is poor, or that the money isn’t out there to be had.

Talking with a local social service org the other day, they were saying, “But the economy’s so bad, we can’t ask people to give,” and I replied, “So long as people are still shopping for gas grills the size of my car at The Great Indoors every weekend, the economy will support your asking for help.” I think from now on I’ll tell them the story of this creationist monstrosity, and how so long as people can plunk down $27 million for that, they shouldn’t be shy about asking for a few hundred bucks to save lives, educate children, or house and feed animals.


6 thoughts on “Twenty-Seven MILLION Dollars

  1. But-but-but…
    The Creation Museum was built for God and Jeebus! By Good Christians(tm).
    Whatever happened to “they will know we are Christians by our love”? Do they even sing those songs anymore?

  2. I find it really scary that so many people believe that thinking is bad. Of course we now have a government that practices that philosophy, and so far at least, we have survived it. But, to openly tell people that they should stop thinking?
    I wonder how many scams are successfully worked using just that technique. Hey lady, go to your bank, don’t think about this, just go to your bank and get $10,000 to hand to me. Now, just do it and stop thinking.
    Could it be that if we actually did some thinking, say a few minutes of it, we might realize that there are better ways to use the 10% of our income that we donate to the charlatans? And, they might have to actually work for a living as a result?

  3. There isn’t enough money, and the economy’s too bad, to pay for good schools, or to rebuild our infrastructure, or to develop alternate means of power, or to rebuild New Orleans.
    But there are billions and billions and billions of dollars to keep up the occupation of Iraq.
    What’s that you say? The supplemental bills are different because we’re not actually paying the money from current funds? It’s not the same because we’re borrowing money?
    Well, hell, why not borrow the money to do those other things, the things that are going to make life better in this country: better schools, better roads, better cities, better public transportation, better energy sources, better protection against natural and unnatural disasters?
    Why is there always money to be found for war and none for peace? What is so fucked up about our national priorities that it’s so much easier to get money to kill other people than it is to get money to help other people?
    Why is strength considered so important? And why is it always measured in terms of how many other people you can hurt and kill?

  4. kumbaya is easy, thinking just confuses them.
    killing them islamofascists is ok tho. right god? onward xtian soldiers and all that.
    the least of these have to pull up their own bootstraps.

  5. I mean, do whatever you want with your cash, really, but nobody can ever tell me this country is poor, or that the money isn’t out there to be had.
    It’s perception, most of it, and people are indeed poorer than they think, but most of them don’t realize it.
    That money to pay for schools, roads, pub transpo, etc is TAX money.
    That “money” for the conspicuous consumerism (grills, etc) is, by and large, credit card.
    People bitch and moan about penney ante tax dollars because it was “taken out” from their check. That money has a premium on it (perceived)
    But most of them don’t take the time to do the research on how much less their money is worth now than it used to be, and how that (and many other things) makes them gratify themselves by credit card consumerism.
    (great oversimplification)

  6. There’s an economic theory I have: When I look at the number of folks making more than 2 million a year (as an arbitrary level), what would happen if any excess over that were re-routed to social goods?
    Alternately, when I look at the USA economy spending exhorbitant amounts of money to convince us that we need to spend money on trifles, what if that money were re-directed for social goods? (Not to mention the petrol that is diverted to make schock merchandise in terms of a fuel shortage and global warming).
    When I look at the amount of money being spent this year, 2 years ahead of the election, what if election spending were cut in half – from just the presidential hopefuls – and the remainder redirected to governement goods?

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