Friday Ferretblogging: Sleepyhead Edition

Stripe’s been given a clean bill of health by the Best Vet Ever. He’ll be rejoining his new brother in their common cage probably this weekend, as his staples all came out and he’s doing pretty well, gorging himself on kibble and being fairly energetic. Except in this picture, of course.


10 thoughts on “Friday Ferretblogging: Sleepyhead Edition

  1. would I be right to assume that Ferrets, like kittens are either “off” or on “Hyperdrive” with nothing in-between?

  2. MapleStreet, pretty much. Left to their own devices they’ll play for a while and then go to sleep, but once riled up, they’re like electric squirrels.

  3. It’s great to hear that Stripe is doing so well. You and your babies have had enough heartache. It’s time for good news. Also great to hear that the new brother is working out. Ferret love, supersize, for home delivery.
    Peace, V.

  4. Great shot, A. Capturing a peaceful moment must be a challenge, given the subject. And, congrats on his health. Much relief all around, I’m sure. Is he beginning to accept his new bro’, Puck?

  5. munkihaid, it’s more that Puck has begun to accept that Stripe just doesn’t want to chase around and play that much. Puck used to hassle him and bite his ears and nudge at him, which would piss Stripe off and Stripe would then bite back, but now Puck just gives him a lick or two and then runs off to find more receptive playmates (like us). I think they’ve worked it out.

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