‘The Center of the ABC News Revival’

Good God:

I asked [ABC News President David] Westin what he most proud of and what represented his biggest regret at ABC News.

He said that his greatest satisfaction stemmed from pairing Gibson and Sawyer on “Good Morning America.” His biggest disappointment centered on conversations he had had with Jennings before the U.S. invasion in 2003.

“Peter said, ‘Don’t count on WMDs.’ I said, ‘Peter, I guarantee you, there are WMDs.’ I regret not listening to him.”

If Westin could do it over again, he said: “I’d assign Brian Ross to investigate the WMDs.”

Westin said that the intelligence reports coming out of Iraq apparently “underestimated Saddam Hussein’s wiliness.”

I swear, some days the posts write themselves.


3 thoughts on “‘The Center of the ABC News Revival’

  1. Yeah I can see how the quality AM TV of Gibson/Sawyer pretty much balances out the WORST MISTAKE IN THE HISTORY OF AMERICAN FOREIGN POLICY, something which has resulted in over a half a million dead Iraqis, 3500 dead Americans and a world which is unquestionably more dangerous for my children.
    Yep – a draw.

  2. It is like we are condemned to living in a world run by “Michael Scott”s
    Dunder-Mifflin lives!

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