Riddle Me This

Via Metaquotes:

Anyway, and it’s been said a jillion times already but I like joining the chorus: isn’t it completely hysterical to see so many conservatives having honest debates about exactly how much of this billion dollar bailout is acceptable, when a national health care plan that costs a fraction of the bailout is MARX-FASCI-COMMU-CHE-STALIN-STREISAND horrible? Like, we can’t spare a penny so your kids can go to the doctor but, OH God you libtards don’t understand that the CEO of Goldman Sachs has a standard of living to which he’s grown accustomed and if he doesn’t have gold flakes in his eggs in the morning he’ll have a heart attack and die and you people will be THE MURDERERS AND WE WILL HUNT YOU and you will blame the one armed man and when the train derails you will run run run through the woods but Tommmy Lee Jones is on to you and “I didn’t do it!” “I don’t care” and then Batman Forever is fucking UNWATCHABLE.


2 thoughts on “Riddle Me This

  1. hoppy says:

    We need to show some sympathy for the Republicans. They are between a rock and hard place here. The welfare of the wealthy has always been a priority for them, but they can’t abide a government intrusion into bidness matters. So, the problem is how to turn over a $trillion of China’s money to the poor wealthy folks without government intruding into their bidness.
    Unfortunately this would also be a dilemma for Democrats, but today’s crop doesn’t seem to have any basic standards, so nothing is ever beyond the pale for them. That leaves just the Republicans for us to sympathize with.


  2. Andrea says:

    …debates about exactly how much of this billion dollar bailout is acceptable…
    You mean, how much of this SEVEN HUNDRED billion dollar bailout is acceptable…
    IMO, none of it.


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