7 thoughts on “RIP John Hughes

  1. Mr. Mom ruled! 🙂 We watched it at school on a slow day in “Child Development”.
    I credit my John Cusack obsession to Hughes – were it not for “Sixteen Candles” I would not have become smitten w/the cutest geek! 🙂
    “Real smooth, Cliff!”
    Rest well Mr. Hughes!

  2. I think the checkout lady in that scene is the same woman from Planes, Trains, and Automobiles that tells Steve Martin ‘You’re fucked’ at the rental car counter.

  3. oh no. I got home late, just saw people talking about fav John Hughes movies on Twitter but didn’t realize why.
    I always thought his career would probably go through a couple more phases.

  4. Always LOVED Ferris Bueller’s Day Off.
    Too bad we couldn’t save John along with Ferris. 8-(
    And I did love Edie McClurg sniffing Wite-Out as Jeffrey Jones’ Rooney went ballistic over Sloane’s “dad” getting upset.

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