Shakedown Street

The plutocracy is determined to shove their boy, Willard, down our throats:

The CEO of a Florida-based software firm has repeatedly solicited
his more than 1,300 employees not only to support Mitt Romney, but to
donate up to the maximum $2,500 to Romney’s presidential campaign,
suggesting that their jobs may be at stake if Romney doesn’t win,
according to emails obtained exclusively by Up w/ Chris Hayes.

Arthur Allen, the CEO of ASG Software Solutions — a $375 million company, according to Forbes
magazine — sent an email to his employees on August 27th, the day
before the scheduled start of the Republican National Convention, asking
them to give up to the maximum individual donation to the Romney
campaign in order to help the company stave off financial ruin and save
employees’ jobs.

Mr. Allen is not the only CEO pressuring his employees into supporting Romney but he’s one of the most overt. Hmm, I wonder if their software is part of the Mittbot’s programming? Romney, of course, thinks CEO arm twisting, threats and employee coercion is jolly good.

Nothing is new in politics. Employers threatened their workers with firing if they voted for FDR in 1936. The economy was recovering too slowly for most tastes that year too, after having been driven into a ditch by the so-called Great Engineer, Herbert Hoover. Btw, the next time a GOPer complains to you about the Dems talking about Dubya, remind them that we ran against Hoover for 30-odd years, and that they’re still running against Carter 32 years after “whipping his ass,” a term used by the Deacon to describe how he’d beat Kennedy for the nomination. Reagan was the one who really had the whip hand that year. Guess he borrowed it from Nancy who always struck me as the dominatrix behind the Gipper’s throne…

Here’s hoping that these employees remember that it’s a SECRET FUCKING BALLOT and ignore their CEO’s pressuring them to vote for one of their own. It looks as if Mitt and his fellow CEOs have moved from easy street to Shakedown Street:

4 thoughts on “Shakedown Street

  1. Shakedown? Let’s see:
    Leaked audio of Romney telling employers how to threaten employees with layoffs
    And let’s not forget the dirty tricks of the Romney campaign
    The Romney links to voter fraud in Florida and Pennsylvania
    And that Romney/Bain provided $10 million to start a company under Tagg Romney which owns the electronic voting machines to be used in several key states.

  2. Here’s hoping that these employees resent being told how to vote. I’d like to see this blow up in the faces of our Galtian Overlords.

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