A Coward as well as a Flaming Bag of Dogshit

Lucky Coburn:

Coburn, speaking to CBS, insisted that he stands by the need to offset emergency aid. He won’t have to test that position in this particular emergency because his colleagues in the Senate and House stuck to the previous precedent of passing emergency funding with no strings or cuts attached. That does mean, however, that the cash assistance Oklahoma gets will effectively violate Coburn’s rule to offset disaster relief.

No wonder he’s being so vocal about his views. There’s no cost to him whatsoever. He and Inhofe and their supporters can continue to jaw about how OKLAHOMANS UNLIKE THOSE WELFARES IN NEW YORK DO IT ALL BY OURSELVES, with no need to actually, you know, watch his constituents suffer.

And you know what? GOOD. I don’t want people to suffer just so that they vote fucksticks like Coburn out of office. There are a lot of people on Dogshit’s Facebook page yelling at people who lost thier homes that YOU GOT WHAT YOU DESERVE and a) no, not really and b) extremely unproductive in terms of putting roofs back on people’s homes. I want fucksticks like Coburn out of office because they are shitty legislators, not because a tornado killed two dozen people.


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  1. Because I am a horrible person, if I were majority leader in the Senate I would take the House bill, amend it with ten bucks for Planned Parenthood, and send it to the floor for a vote.

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