Malaka Of The Week: Larry Klayman

I took a trip to Tommy T country today. I feel like I dived into a
cesspool and may need delousing or, at the very least, a cocktail.This week’s dishonoree, Larry Klayman, is a right
wing lawyer, false flag aficionado, conspiracy theorist and blatantly
crazy bastid. That’s why he’s malaka of the week.

Klayman is fond of using intemperate, OTT, extreme and crazed language to make his points, such as they are:

As conservative attorney and outspoken birther Larry Klayman sees it,
the only recourse is for “people of faith and all true patriots” to
take matters into their own hands and “cleanse the nation of the
half-Muslim, anti-white, socialist fraud in the White House before the
nation goes under for the final count.”

A piece by Klayman published Monday in Renew America serves as a gold mine of conservative fringe fantasies.

Citing “Benghazi-gate” and “Fast and Furious-gate,” Klayman lamented
that Congress is unlikely to “to remove the mullah-in-chief from
office.” And with the courts taking a pass on Obama’s “phony birth
certificate,” that leaves only one option, according to Klayman.

“I therefore call upon all American patriots, once we obtain this
conviction, which we will shortly, to converge on Washington,” Klayman
wrote. “Millions should stand in front of the White House and other
national treasures and demand that Barack Hussein Obama leave. If the
Egyptians can do this with regard to another radical Muslim, former
president Mohamed Morsi of the Muslim Brotherhood, then can’t we
Americans do it with Obama?”

He added: “And, when we do converge on and ‘Occupy Washington’ in the
millions on a date to be announced for the week before Thanksgiving,
the people may think about chanting: ‘Mr. President (to use the term
loosely), put the Quran down, get up off your knees and come out with
your hands up!'”

This, of course, verges on sedition, incitement to violence and
whatever else you want to call it. I choose to call it stupid but
constitutionally protected speech however nauseating it is. And if
stupidity were a criminal offense, 80% of the House Republican Caucus
would be in the slammer instead of voting to repeal the ACA over and
over and over again.

Malaka Klayman, Esq writes “essays” for a particularly fetid outpost of the wingnut fever swamp, Renew America.
His titles, of course, are all inflammatory but my personal favorite is
this one:Obama’s Mein Kampf.In that “article” he waxes nostalgic over
his Clintonphobic past by riffing on their “crimes:”

Indeed, during the Clinton years, while Bill and Hillary vociferously
disclaimed any role in the deaths of more than 80 key witnesses and
others with some involvement in their myriad of scandals, they were
happy to have their henchmen leave a list of these dead persons on the
office chairs of inconveniently “alive” witnesses like Linda Tripp and
other White House whistleblowers, who had the goods on their various
crimes. On a smaller scale than Obama’s unbridled massive abuse of
government power, this was a not-too-subtle attempt to intimidate and
silence them from spilling the beans and providing evidence to send the
Clintons to prison, which is where they belong.

What is the old adage? Oh yeah, the more things change the more they
stay the same. The only thing impressive about Larry Klayman is his
crazed consistency and consistent stupidity over the years. I wonder if
Barack and Michelle had anything to do with the “murder” of Vince
Foster? They may have been in DC when it happened with Bill Ayers and
Jeremiah Wright…

It’s scary that Larry Klayman has a valid license to practice law. I
wonder if judges give him a drool bucket when he argues cases in front
of them? He certainly froths like a rabid rottweiler. I take that back,
that’s an insult to rabid dogs.

I kinda hope that the Secret Service pays Malaka Klayman a brief
visit to learn a bit more about his coup incitement and demand that
President Obama come out of the White House with his hands up. Of
course, all that would do is to incite another outburst of extreme
malakatude, so they should skip it.Why create a Klaymaniacal martyr when you don’t have to?

Tommy T is officially my hero. I do not know how you do it, mon frere.

4 thoughts on “Malaka Of The Week: Larry Klayman

  1. There are so many deserving of the title of “Malaka of the Week.” Plus the level of Malakatude keeps setting records for being further and further off the charts.
    Getting to the point that there are too many Malakas for you to choose the Malaka of the week.
    (Distant and fallible memory: Bowie’s song, “Ground Control calling Major Tom” was about the hero going further and further away past the point of no return. Of course, it was interpreted as being about a drug trip – which matches the thoughts of Malakas either formed from a drug trip or just a non-drug related psychotic break.

  2. I thought that among lawyers the ability to present a reasoned argument was a basic skill.
    But even on a quick read of his quote, the courts have passed on the Birth Certificate. Yet, after conviction the people are to demonstrate in front of the White House.
    If the courts aren’t involved, just exactly how do you have a conviction?
    He calls on “people of faith” to get rid of the Moose-lim. Uh, the Muslims are people of faith. Seems kind of inconsistent to them to protest a Muslim in the White House (of course, I actually understand this one as I’ve spent a lot more time than I want to admit hearing racists).
    And don’t tell him that according to Wipedia on the “Fast and Furious Scandal” that Fast and Furious was a series of sting operations conducted between 2006 and 2011. But if Obama was responsible for the poor reaction to Katrina, I guess his TARDIS could have allowed him to be responsible for Fast and Furious too.

  3. Gratuitous, don’t know specifically for this guy, but for most of the Limbaughs, Becks, Faux News, etc. I’d say remember deep throat and “follow the money.” and especially who stands to loose or gain money from rampant paranoia. Especially noticing who has gained money in the recent past years and who has lost money in the same time period.

  4. Klayman seems to think that “millions” will converge on Washington in support of his deranged vision for the country. I truly and sincerely hope that some reputable media outlet somewhere will pin Klayman down on the exact date for his historic (histrionic?) march, which he seems to think will happen between November 21 and 27, 2013, and how many “millions” (give or take) Klayman thinks will show up. I’d hate to miss his dramatic, triumphal entry into the Capital.
    Who bankrolls this lunacy?

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