GOP Rebranding, Part the Thousandth

The House may be on it:

The Republican Conference kick-started National Hispanic Heritage Month this week, which began September 15th, with a “GOP Meetup” in the U.S. Capitol Building that brought together Hispanic businessmen, pastors, political activists, and other community leaders from across the country with several representatives who are taking the lead in engaging minority audiences.

But the rank and file aren’t having it:

I believe that the Hispanic groups should be reaching out to the Republicans and Conservatives by first making certain that all the illegals go back and straighten out their own countries instead of coming here and expecting freebies etc.

Haven’t we done enough outreach? We’ve been invaded by people from every third world Hispanic country on the planet. Never is any other nationality mentioned as being the one to pander to – only the “entitlement” race that we pay for. Insane!

The GOP needs to think about attracting working class whites. When whites finally become a minority, the Republicans will never again take the White House or control Congress. But I guess that’s okay with the RINOs as long as they get to remain part of the political establishment.

That last made me laugh so hard I wheezed. Because if they’re not TRYING to attract working class (read: racist) whites, can you imagine what it will look like when they really put their shoulders into it? As for the first comment, why yes, Hispanic voters should be approaching the GOP as serfs approach their master: on bended knee, properly grateful for the gentleness of the kicks they receive.

There’s really nothing sadder than watching the realistic members of the GOP survey the damage wrought in the past decade. And by “sadder” I mean “more hilarious.” I should be a good enough person to talk about how detrimental this is to America, to have a major party basically run by lunatics, but THIS IS WHAT YOU WANTED. You needed the mouthbreathers and the teabillies to win in 2000 and 2004, so watching you chain yourselves to the mast as the ship goes down is nothing more than self-inflicted martyrdom.

I have no sympathy for those caught in the crackup. Plausible deniability about this bullshit died with Reagan and was buried six feet facing east with McCain. Anybody who didn’t see this coming was walking around with his eyes closed.


2 thoughts on “GOP Rebranding, Part the Thousandth

  1. Hearing the GOP say it welcomes all, I think of the saying:
    Should I believe what you say or believe my lying eyes.

  2. Oh, and before the GOP touts Cruz as the beatific vision of diversity, wonder if they are going to figure out that Mexicans to Middle Americans to South Americans that come to the USA are entirely different cultures. And they get significant antipathy from the Cubans who were mainly the affluent in Cuba and fleeing Castro and Communism.
    I’d say something about Communist societies generally distrust the educated as rich, etc. But in the last decade the repubs seem to have taken over mistrusting the educated.

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