Friday Ferretblogging: Claire vs. The Sick

Claire is nearly 7, which is pretty old in ferret years, and she’s been kind of spacing it lately, isn’t as energetic as she once was, etc. All the familiar signs. I’m off with her to the vet this morning, hopefully just to find out if we can put her on a course of meds like Riot, keep her mischievous little self with us a bit longer.



3 thoughts on “Friday Ferretblogging: Claire vs. The Sick

  1. Hey A,

    My vet mentioned the new implant as an alternative to Lupron for Adrenal Disease symptoms and even to forestall its onset. Do you have any eerie nice with the implant?


  2. all the best to you and your furry companion, A

    We wish for our pets what we wish for ourselves–a frisky self all the way to the end, and a calm fadeout without suffering. I hope I get that.

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