Why I’m Not Afraid of President Trump’s Economic Policies

Shit like this: 

“It depends on how aggressive you want to be. I’d rather not be so aggressive. Don’t forget: We have to rebuild the infrastructure of our country. We have to rebuild our military, which is being decimated by bad decisions. We have to do a lot of things. We have to reduce our debt, and the best thing we have going now is that interest rates are so low that lots of good things can be done that aren’t being done, amazingly.” In other words, Trump wants to spend on infrastructure. He doesn’t really care about eliminating the debt. That’s Republican campaign talk.

He doesn’t actually have any idea what he’s doing. I am far, far more nervous about the economic consequences of somebody like Cruz, who has fully bought into an ideology and owns every ALEC-themed item possible including the hat and giveaway keychain, or Kasich, who would have done to Ohio what Walker did to Wisconsin if the voters hadn’t been able to stop him.

Trump has a vague idea of what motivates his pissed off voters, the ones who aren’t just racist and dumb. They want to get back to work and they want to feel like they’re contributing, and they want to feel like they have the capacity to address the misery they see around them. They’re sick of being told they’re powerless, so here’s Trump saying let’s fix some shit already.

By building a wall and telling China to fuck off and smacking Putin with our national dick, is the problem, but I have a lot more faith in that working than in Reaganomics at this point.