This is it. This is the hottest take.

“Put the TV on mute, and he clearly dominated.”

They’re drinking heavily over at the Cornhole:

What did swing or persuadable voters think? If you’re truly pro-Hillary or pro-Trump it doesn’t matter what you thought tonight. Your vote is baked in. But if you’re on the fence or thinking about not voting at all, your impression matters — a lot. And in this regard, I think Clinton was the winner. Unpersuaded college educated white women didn’t come away from this debate — at least not in large numbers — feeling reassured by Trump. Clinton was narrowcasting at the voters she needs. Trump was broadcasting to the voters he already has.

Twas ever thus, of course, but you can’t expect Jonah “Hurricane Katrina is a hilarious joke” Goldberg to understand a) politics and b) communication just because he is a professional, syndicated political columnist.

If Jonah’s depressed, his commenters are in the 93rd circle of hell:

“Relatively coherent” is a win? That’s a mighty steep curve.

“no truly painful soundbites”
Eeeeeeeeer ….. WHAT??????

“I have a better temparament than her”
“not paying taxes makes me smart”
“stiffing contracters, workers and the small business owners is good business”
“400 pound hacker”
Yada yada yada “Rosie O’Donnell” ….. ????????? With that one, Trump just swung all Jill Stein voters towards her. Good job!!
“stamina stamina stamina eeeeehh also stamina”… and then she zingered him.
He really sounded desparate, wondering why no one laughed at his joke, and then repeated it in the hope someone would laugh … Well, liberals laughed, havent stopped.

Amazing contortionist: Can step on his message with both feet in his mouth

These are HYSTERICAL Republican partisans. Commenting on the column of a man who wrote a book about how liberals are the real fascists.

This isn’t me saying it’s over and we can all chillax from now til November, but it is me saying AHAHAHAHAHAHA.


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