Tweet Of The Day: Talented Mr. Santos Edition

I’m trying my damnedest NOT to write about The Talented Mr. Santos everyday. The pop quiz was an attempt to sum up my coverage but more shit subsequently hit the fan.

Some of the Santos stories are serious like the dog surgery scam. Some of them are downright hilarious:

Santos/Devolder has denied the story. Anyone buying it? I thought not.

Some of Anthony D’s wingnut allies are profoundly homophobic. They seem to think that supporting him is a sign of tolerance. But many on the far right are obsessed with drag queen story hours and want them stamped out. I wonder what they have to say about Kitara?

Maybe George/Anthony will double down on supporting D Duce Wannabe’s anti-gay bills or lie about doing so, He’s gotta play to his strengths.

The New York Post has turned on the Lung Guyland GOPer and his latest pack of lies. They’re calling him a drag-denier. That’s a new one on me. It’s kinda catchy.

Every time I think this story can’t get weirder, it does. Obrigada, George or is that Anthony or Kitara? Beats the hell outta me.

The last word goes to The Buckinghams:

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