America Held Hostage Day 13


One step forward, one step back was the theme of the day in Shutdown City. There was an attempt by Leader Reid to introduce a debt limit hike in the Senate, but it was filibustered by the Republicans. Negotiations, however, are ongoing, and Chinless Mitch has finally decided to stop cowering under his bed and to resume his role as Minority Leader.

In short, there’s nothing major to mock today and my boy Tommy has already kicked some trucker ass, so I’ll report on the important news in my household:LSU Tigers 17 Florida Gators 6. I genuinely “sports hate” the Gators and their rowdy obnoxious fans so beating them is always a big event.

The impact of the shutdown is really hitting home and hurting people so it’s time for the Republicans to cut their losses and end this manufactured crisis before more damage is done. It’s time for them to heed the words of Michael Penn (yeah, I know he’s Sean’s brother, deal with it, y’all) and Try:

2 thoughts on “America Held Hostage Day 13

  1. Apologize for jumping out of sequence / jumping the gun here (or as it has the truckers, does it tie in better with yesterday)
    Local TVNews is running an AP news item saying a crowd has converged on the WWII memorial.
    “On Sunday morning, a protest by truckers converged with a veterans march at the World War II Memorial. ” (Uh, like the trucker protest firecracker that was such a dud it didn’t even give off smoke?)
    The real kicker is, “WTOP Radio reports that Republican Sen. Mike Lee of Utah and Sen. Ted Cruz of Texas were among those who gathered Sunday morning, along with former Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin.” Goes on to quote Cruz saying Obama was using the vets as pawns. (And did he use the time to establish the identity of Sam and his breakfast of Green Eggs?)
    Seriously though, the easy assumption is the vets voted heavily repub. The repubs shut it down. Now they hold a rally with the repubs blaming Obama. So much for the myth that serving time in the military is the mark of a real patriot that sees things as they are.

  2. Too hilarious not to share. The story is sad – a Canadian airline lost a dog. The exec released a statement that is so devoid of feeling that Faux News defended it as something which the exec obviously didn’t mean for dissemination.
    The funny part is that the Faux News-caster, reading the statement, gets to a sentence “Their entire government is shut down.” Newscaster stumbles over it along the lines of “Their – that’s a sic there – …”
    Don’t the Faux newscasters have to be able to know the possessive form of they?
    BTW – reason I ran across this is the local yokels are starting to complain that none of the news networks are covering their tremendously large truck and “Million Vet” march which apparently has at least a few gazillion protestors, arrests, barricading the front of the White House, etc.
    And BTW – with White House tours being closed down, and the front of the WH property is a fence to begin with (I assume complete with SWAT-team level detachments waiting to grab anyone who passes over the fence), what good does it do to barricade the front of the WH?
    I mean, does anyone doing business with the WH not know that there are other gates out of the public eye?

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