Malaka Of The Week: Rudy Giuliani

Image by Michael F.

This is the artist formerly known as Mayor Combover’s second turn as malaka of the week. It’s quite an accomplishment for the Man Who Got Trump Impeached. It was made possible by Sacha Baron Cohen and his deranged alter ego Borat. He pranked the hell out of Rudy Giuliani in his latest moviefilm. And that is why Rudy Giuliani is malaka of the week.

I usually avoid literal malakatude, but it’s been a big deal this week. First, there was Jeffrey Toobin and the Zoom Dick Incident. I’m not defending him, but I like his books so I’m giving him a pass. Rudy Giuliani neither gets nor deserves a pass. On anything. Ever.

I waited to write this until Borat Subsequent Moviefilm went live on Amazon Prime. It was weird watching it in the morning, but life is weird nowadays. 2020, man.

In Borat’s return, an actress playing his daughter maneuvers Rudy into a room. The president’s* lawyer puts his hands down his pants. Then Borat bursts into the room and offers to give Rudy his “15-year-old” daughter. I put the age in quotes because the actress playing Borat’s offspring is not jailbait.

Borat tweeted a statement of support for the Man Who Got Trump Impeached:

Sacha Baron Cohen has been pranking prominent people since his Ali G days some twenty years ago. Anyone who falls for his shtick deserves whatever happens to them. In this instance, Rudy gives an entirely new meaning to the term abandoned laptop. And that is why Rudy Giuliani is malaka of the week.

One thought on “Malaka Of The Week: Rudy Giuliani

  1. I was at Shea Stadium in 2000 when the Mets clinched the NLCS. The crowd was going ape. In the celebration on the field noted Yankee fan Mayor Rudolph Giuliani showed up wearing a Mets cap, peak phony. The crowd that remained, thousands of people, started chanting “Donna’s a Met fan, Donna’s a Met fan” in a drunken cackle. Donna was then-First Lady of New York Donna Hanover. Rudy was publicly kicked out of Gracie Mansion at the time and going through a nasty divorce that was chronicled daily on the front page of every NY tabloid. New Yorkers are good at giving the raspberry & Rudy has always been a skunk.

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