Saturday Odds & Sods: The Best Of Adrastos 2022

The False Mirror by Rene Magritte.

It’s the last Saturday of the year, which means it’s time for the 8th annual Best of Adrastos list.

I tried to limit it to a top thirty but landed at forty. Consider me an AM DJ from the Seventies or some such shit. I suppose I should play a hit from back in the day:

The news wasn’t as consistently bleak this year: the Impeached Insult Comedian’s political fortunes waned and his legal troubles mounted. The satire business, however, did not suffer as there are still targets aplenty.

There are two entries from my new weekly feature The Sunday Dozen. It’s one reason I landed at forty. I spin some pretty darn good yarns in those posts.

One of my favorite posts of the year, The Puppetmaster? was submitted to the annual Jon Swift Memorial post at Vagabond Scholar. It made this list as well. I had no choice: I’m following orders from the Puppermaster DBA Andrew Weissmann.

Without further ado, I give you the Best of Adrastos 2022 in chronological order. I hope you enjoy reading it as much as I did compiling it.

1/7: Poltroons, Not Patriots

1/10: Letter From New Orleans: A Tale Of Two Krewes

1/20: Supreme Court To Trump: Drop Dead

1/26:  Sláinte, Sean

2/9: Forrest Gump’s Evil Twin: Run, KMac, Run

2/23: Letter From New Orleans: Nix On Nyx

3/12: Saturday Odds & Sods: All Things Must Pass

3/29: The 457-Minute Gap

4/3: Malaka Of The Week: CBS News

4/5: The Republican Freak Show

4/7: Letter From New Orleans: Chris Owens, R.I.P.

4/14: Don’t Call Them Conservatives

4/22: KMac’s Reality Show Moment

5/4: We’re Living In Robert Bork’s America Now

5/8: The Second Dumbest Argument I Ever Had

5/22: The Sunday Dozen: Boz Scaggs

5/26: The Vast Indifference Of Heaven

6/24: The Two Jeffs

6/25: Saturday Odds & Sods: Machine Messiah

6/27: The Alito Court: A Clear & Present Danger

7/1: Letter From New Orleans: Forked Tongue

7/13: Freedonia On The Potomac

7/15: Confessions Of An Ex-GOP Hatchet Man

8/4: Gum, Malpractice & Perjury

8/29: Letter From New Orleans: The Double Whammy Anniversary

9/10: Saturday Odds & Sods: Polk Salad Annie

9/13: The Legal Docket: Document Storage Wars?

9/19: Michael Homan Has Left The Building

9/20: Dig My Mood

9/27: Malaka Of The Week: Roger Waters

10/3: Call A Crackhead?

10/6: Malaka Of The Week: Brett Favre

10/16: The Sunday Dozen: Fairport Convention

10/20: Dear Dad

11/2: The Decency Deficit

11/17: The Underestimated President

11/22: Every Vote Counts: The Landslide Poulos Saga

12/1: Elmer’s Glued: The Charges Stick

12/3: The Puppetmaster?

12/21: Ring Out, Solstice Bells

Here’s some lagniappe from three artists featured in The Sunday Dozen: Boz Scaggs, ELO, and Squeeze:

Happy New Year.

The last word goes to William Holden and Gloria Swanson in Sunset Boulevard, which will be featured in my first Pulp Fiction post of 2023:


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